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Single Mom Cleans Four Bedroom Home Then Told She Gets to Keep It - Later She Finds Out It Was A "Prank"
Hardworking Single Mom Is Gifted the House She Was Called to Clean
Uplifting News

Single Mom Cleans Four Bedroom Home Then Told She Gets to Keep It - Later She Finds Out It Was A "Prank"

A prank turns this mothers life around forever.

There are so many people out there who work grueling jobs with little reward, struggling to make ends meet paycheck to paycheck.

In today’s economy, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of parents who are doing everything they can to keep their families clothed, fed, and housed.

So when you hear about such hard workers getting a much-deserved break in life, you can’t help but tear up.

A Magical Day Off

a woman looking shocked

A single mother-of-three named Cara Simmons is one of those hardworking people. The maid never takes a day off and gives everything she’s got to her work and family. So much so that Simmons had been in and out of the hospital from exhaustion, and her medical bills were piling up.

So when Prank It Forward, an organization dedicated to doing pranks for good, asked Simmons’ company if they could nominate a deserving person for a surprise, Simmons’ manager instantly recommended her. Maid Brite then sent Simmons to a home to clean up before a big party.

“Cara is an amazing person. An amazing sister. She's selfless, she works hard,” her sister, Glo Nicholson, told cameras.

When Simmons arrived, however, she was informed by a secret actor that the house had already been cleaned. However, the owner was hoping that Simmons could help her out by taste-testing the menu for that evening’s party.

Floored, Simmons sat down and was served several gourmet dishes that included ingredients like lobster, Kobe beef, white truffles, and edible gold. In a video shared by Daily Mail, you can see Simmons’ eyes growing larger with each passing plate.

Once all the food was cleared away, Simmons was then asked if she could sit in a massage chair so that the two masseuses the “owner” had hired could warm up their fingers before the party started.

An hour later, Simmons was needed upstairs, where the owner had laid out a bunch of clothing she was “donating” and told the maid to take her pick. It turned out that earlier, producers had taken Simmons’ sister shopping to help pick out things she’d like.

The Surprise of a Lifetime

After Simmons was done marveling over all of the clothes, shoes, and jewelry, the doorbell rang. Simmons was asked to answer it, and movers began bringing in boxes. As Simmons started unpacking a box, she realized it contained her possessions.

At first, the “mover,” who was actually host Greg Benson, pretended he had no idea who Simmons was. He was simply doing a job and delivering these boxes to the owner of the house, a Ms. Cara Simmons.

When Simmons looked outside at the moving truck, she got an even bigger surprise: her three kids jumped out of the back. They, along with her boss and her sister, were all in on the prank. But no one knew what was coming next.

Benson introduced himself and explained that Simmons had been nominated as a deserving person who could use some paying it forward. He then revealed to everyone that the newly renovated, four-bedroom house belonged to her and her kids. Simmons could barely find words. “Thank you,” she said as they handed her the keys.

“I had no idea what was going on. It was the most amazing prank,” Simmons later revealed to

Paying It Forward

There’s a reason this story is sheer joy: Simmons works hard every day to make her family proud of her, and even though it’s hard work, she keeps going. So it’s nice to see her get something back for all of those efforts.

But this story is also a reminder that there are many people out there who are in the same situation as Simmons, and they, too, could use a boost. Heck, maybe you’re one of them. The good news is we can all help each other through simple acts of paying it forward.

That could come in the form of paying for the person’s coffee behind you at the drive-through. Or maybe you want to give an extra generous tip to a server or barista. It could also mean giving away old clothes, bringing someone flowers, or doing any other act that will brighten someone’s day.

They say that in a community, one good deed deserves another. But also, all of us are deserving of good deeds.

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