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Man Accidentally Drops $100 in Front of Homeless Man - What He Does With It Blows Everyone Away
Homeless Man Uses $100 a Stranger “Dropped” to Help Other People
Uplifting News

Man Accidentally Drops $100 in Front of Homeless Man - What He Does With It Blows Everyone Away

Paying it forward can be incredibly powerful.

Never underestimate the importance of paying it forward or who in life is actually in a position to do so. We never know what other people are going through beneath the surface, but sometimes, somebody we may have written off can surprise us in new and wonderful ways.

That was the takeaway one man had after performing a social experiment with a camera, a homeless man, and a $100 bill.

A Social Experiment

two men talking outside

One day, an online user named DENO 10K (whose real name is Dino) decided he wanted to see what would happen if he walked by a homeless man and “accidentally” dropped a $100 bill in front of him. In a video later shared on YouTube, you can see Dino walking by a man sitting on the sidewalk and letting a bill fall out of his pocket while he talks on the phone.

As Dino leaves, the camera stays focused on the man. You can see him get up, grab the money, and look down the street. He calls after Dino a couple of times, but when Dino doesn’t respond, the man sits back down.

After a while, when it’s clear Dino isn’t returning, the man gets up, puts on his backpack, and hops on his bike.

An Unexpected Destination

Dino and his friend follow the man as he heads to a Dollar Store. A short while later, he emerges with a big bag of items.

As the guys in the car wonder what a person could spend $100 on at a Dollar Store, the homeless man gets back on his bike. Dino considers confronting him but decides to wait and see what happens.

Not long after, they’re glad they did. The camera follows the man as he approaches another homeless man and drops off some hygiene supplies. Then, as the guys from the car watch in awe, the homeless man makes several other stops, helping others on the street with a few new items.

Finally, after all the stops, the man returns to his spot beside the original building. That’s when Dino decides it’s time to meet this mystery man.

A Surprise Confrontation

At first, Dino plays dumb and asks the man if he’s seen the money. Surprisingly, the man admits to having picked it up right away. He also reveals that he spent it and can’t give it back.

“I did, man, I did. I found it. Yeah man, I’m sorry man. I spent it,” he says. “I tried to holler at you but you kept going. You kept going. You don’t know how it is to be out here. I did try, God as my witness, I tried to give it back to you, but you kept going.”

Dino asks the man’s name and discovers it’s Phil. At first, he keeps the bit going and says he’s thinking about calling the police.

“Naw, I’m just kidding. I’m just messing with you. I ain’t calling the police,” he quickly adds. “I ain’t going to lie to you, I saw you pick the money up. I watched you this entire time. I saw where you went with the money, where you took it, and what you did with it.”

A Turn of Events

As Phil looks at Dino, completely confused, Dino continues.

“What I wanted to say is what you did, that was phenomenal. You could have done anything you wanted with that money,” he says.

Phil seems immediately grateful for the comment and tries to explain. “I know, but I’d rather help people in life,” he says. “Because I know how it is out there, man. A lot of people just pass you up. People act like they don’t give a damn,” he continues.

“That’s how people just end up giving up on life. It takes one person to show a person that your life is worth something; that someone cares. Even if you don’t know them. Just one person can make a difference in life.”

Phil then apologizes again for spending the money, but Dino waves him off and explains that he is doing a social experiment. How Phil paid it forward took him by surprise and inspired him. Then, he reaches into his pocket and gifts Phil $1,000.

The man is stunned and thankful and explains how he didn’t have anywhere to sleep that night. “I've been doing so bad,” he says. He adds that he has family, but they’re in another state, and he doesn’t want them to see him like this.

Dino then hands Phil another $1,000. “I hope that helps with whatever you’re trying to do,” he says. “Get yourself cleaned up, get you somewhere to stay, some food to eat. It’s people like you that I really appreciate. God bless.”

The Importance of Paying It Forward

While we don’t know whether Phil ever reunited with his family (we hope he did!), we do know that he completely inspired Dino, Dino’s friend, and nearly a million other people who have since watched the heartwarming video.

It just goes to show you that anyone can pay it forward, and paying it forward feels really darned good. That’s because one small action, like buying hygiene supplies for others who are in an equally bad — if not worse place than you — can lead to a ripple effect and spread goodness. It can also remind others that they are appreciated and that they matter.

So buy that coffee for the person behind you in line at your local café. Donate old clothes to someone else who may need them. Leave a positive review the next time you buy something you love from a local shop or business. Or just let someone go in front of you the next time you’re in line.

These small acts aren’t just a way to spread kindness and promote community: they’re also a way to remind others that we’re all human, and no matter what our position or circumstances in life, we all matter.  

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