How many of us are at a plateau in our lives? A point in which we’re comfortable, but know there’s a better version of us waiting right around the corner? I know many people reading this have those fleeting thoughts or feelings about when they know they should take action or work on areas that will improve them tremendously as a person. The hardest part is doing it.

How Can You Push Yourself to the Next Level?

How Can You Push Yourself to the Next Level?

Getting past plateaus in our lives isn’t always about making those massive life changes like a job change, relocation, or changing your relationship status. Many people are happy with all of these aspects of their lives yet still, know they need to improve personally. I’m writing about pushing your character to the next level.

Only you know those weak spots and the actions you need to take to propel yourself forward. It may be being more sympathetic to people, it may be giving to others, it could be voicing your opinion in front of a crowd. Deep down each one of us knows our weaknesses and aspects of our life where we can improve.

The first step is being honest with yourself. It’s extremely easy to keep covering over our flaws instead of changing, to keep rationalizing instead of taking action. But take a second and think about where that’ll get you.

If you always do what youve always done, you will always get what youve always got.”

Once you’re aware of what you need to work on, start working right away. It takes conscious, sustained effort to stay focused on those areas of weakness. Write down your goals and constantly keep refreshing them in your mind to stay on track. As soon as you realize you’ve tackled those weaknesses, move onto other areas where you can improve. You’ll start to realize that working on yourself and improving every day becomes addicting. Self-improvement becomes a part of you and the whole process will energize you like nothing else can. You’re becoming a better version of yourself each day. How could you not want that?

Other people will start to notice something different about you, an aura of constant positivity and momentum. Think about negative, pessimistic people for a moment. Do you think staying stagnant and not improving makes them happy people? Do others consider them leaders? Most importantly, what character traits and ideas are you picking up from spending time with pessimistic people?

You’ll notice that the most energized and positive people are always the ones that are the happiest, and are almost always leading the way for others. Study the most successful people of our time. It doesn’t matter if your definition of success is in the business world, the spiritual world, or anywhere in between. The highest achievers are ALWAYS improving.

It’s never too late to start the process of self-improvement. No matter what your age is, no matter what your circumstances are, we all have the chance to be better. Every day on this earth is a gift, and the greatest gift we can give ourselves is constantly living up to who we can really be as people.

So start today. Focus, work hard, and enjoy the process of becoming the greatest you can possibly be. Hint: You can always be greater.

Live to your full potential.