Jade Socoby resigned herself to a life of unhappiness — until she finally decided to walk away from what wasn’t serving her anymore.

Trapped in an abusive relationship, Jade buried herself in food. Not only was emotional eating costing her her health, but it was also extending her feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

At her heaviest, Jade weighed 320 pounds. It took everything she had, but the now 28-year-old left the relationship she was in, and the bold move ultimately saved her life.

I had to move back home, and make a huge mental transformation before any physical,” she said.

“I had to do a lot of work on myself emotionally.”

Rebuilding her life

Not only did she have a lot of emotional work to do, Jade had to get herself back on her feet financially after her ex-partner drained her bank account.

She had a long road ahead but she was determined to build the life she knew she deserved.

With the help and support of her brother, Jade began working out. She started making small changes to her daily routine, like cutting out soda, fast food but she never rushed the process because she knew how easily she could fall back into binge eating.

Coming to terms with her food addiction was difficult emotionally, but she knew she deserved better.

“Seeing the changes I was able to make helped me keep up and made me want more.”

Learning to love self-discipline

Through her journey, she’s learned the value of discipline and has a total lost 145 pounds. And she did it all without a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

She found that she could only make these life changes on her own terms, which for her meant she had to take her time.

“Nothing is going to come easy, and nobody owes you anything, so you have to truly want it and be ready to have some thick skin,” said Jade. “Progress in this lifestyle is not linear, but if I can do it, anybody can.”