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How To Trust and Listen to The Universe

How To Trust and Listen to The Universe

As I reflect back on what my life has been so far, there were many times where I’d say to myself “I should have done this instead or that or gone here or studied this or worked there.” I’m sure that many of you reading this right now are all too familiar with this situation. When things don’t go our way, it is easy to be angry with ourselves, with the world, or with life itself.

How To Trust and Listen to The Universe

I wish that someone would have told me how all this works but perhaps discovering everything for myself is a part of what makes my journey even more beautiful. I realized that I made important life decisions out of fear, thinking that that was the most logical route to follow. It really didn’t take too long for the imbalances in my energy to get to my soul.

If there is simply one thing that you are to take from this article, let it be this: LISTEN TO YOUR FEELINGS, LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL. It knows what is best for you and it will always guide you if you learn to listen to it. Every time you make a decision out of fear or fail to act upon something because you are too scared to fail, you are depriving yourself of what could have been. You can start today with nothing, no one, and no way and then watch a path emerge before you. Learn to take chances in life because the universe has and will always have your back.

When something doesn’t go as planned, be still, observe, and ask yourself what you could do at this very moment that is within your power to change your situation. Start building up with the blocks that you have. Years later, as you look back, it will all make sense to you. You’ll see why you never got into that school or why you didn’t land your dream job. You’ll be grateful that he didn’t love you back or that she found someone else. You won’t be upset about missing your flight or your boss letting you go.

As someone who places great importance on planning and stability, it wasn’t always easy for me to just let things flow. I would always look for a certain kind of outcome and would be a little shaken if things didn’t go as I expected. I’ve come to realize that there is so much beauty in not knowing. It makes waking up every morning so exciting as I don’t know what I’ll find or who I’ll meet. Putting my trust in the greater power of the universe has truly made my life so much more interesting.

If you’re still a student, chances are you’re acquainted with a structured path depending on your major or curriculum. Some of you are very lucky to have had wise mentors in life. For others, you may think of the real world in a certain way only to find that you were so wrong. Stumble. Stumble slowly. Most importantly, learn as you stumble. What you’ll gain this way will be invaluable and will remain with you for the course of your life. Don’t be afraid of not knowing what to do. Don’t be afraid of changing your path. As you grow with each passing year, you will see differences in your personality. These differences will lead you to places you never knew existed. Explore those places and don’t be afraid to give up a side of you to discover another. It is okay to fail at something and start over in another field. It is okay to not always know what you’re doing. Things unfold themselves in due time. This is what I wish I knew as a teen or college student.

For the rest of us, it is never too late to reinvent yourself. Spend time with people who uplift your spirits. Take a class, express your creativity, see the world; do what it takes to nourish your soul. It is your very best friend, it is within you, it is you, and it will always be there to guide you.

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