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The Art Of Being A Human Design Generator
human design generator

The Art Of Being A Human Design Generator

AKA the art of being a world builder.

The genius innovator Nikola Tesla once said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

Both science and spirituality point to the same fundamental truth: the essence of humanity is energetic. When it comes to understanding the role of energy in human behavior, look no further than Human Design.

The Human Design System

Human Design is a complex system that offers a structure to the building blocks of the self. Its method, much like the chakra system from Eastern philosophies, is to identify different life force energy types and provide people with unique approaches to maximize their life force. Within the Human Design system, there are four different energy types: 

  • Generators
  • Manifestors
  • Projectors
  • Reflectors

This article will be an in-depth exploration of Generators. If you’re a pure Generator, or if you’re in a relationship or business project with a Generator, then keep reading for a deeper understanding of how to maximize Human Design for optimal energetic harmony.

What is a Generator in Human Design?

Generators are sometimes referred to as the “world-builders”. 

They make up the majority of the population, with around 70 percent of people falling into this category. This distribution is logical. Creating civilization requires action and forward-movement, it requires focused energy and resilience. Generators are responsible for turning ideas into action, and bringing dreams into reality.

The creator of human design, Ra Uru Hu, once said that everything is “in the hands of generators” for this very reason. All progress, or revolution or evolution, needs generators to carry out the work, to solve problems, to make giant leaps for mankind.

Within the system, both a Generator and what is called a Manifesting Generator (more on that shortly) are those whose BodyGraph has a defined sacral center. This kind of sacral energy, responsible for reproduction, work, creativity, movement, flow, and vitality, provides powerful inner-fuel, and it’s important for them to use their energy correctly. 

In fact, when Generators direct the energy from their sacral energy center into the wrong places, projects, or people, they’ll likely feel unfulfilled, burnt out, and frustrated. This could last their entire life if they don’t find a way to channel it properly.

The Different Generator Types

There are nine different energy centers found in the Human Design chart, similar to what you might find in the chakra system. 

As noted, the two types of generators in Human Design — Generators and Manifesting Generators — have a defined sacral center. When it comes to the BodyGraph and the different constellations of defined or undefined centers, Manifesting Generators, which make up 32 percent of the population, are a hybrid energy type.

These people have the defined sacral chakra of Generators, but also a connection to their throat centers, like a Manifestor. This is the “voice” to energy and the center for creation and manifestation into the physical world. Both Generators and Manifesting Generators share the same signature, which is to respond to the world around them.

Understanding Human Design Generators in more detail

Each of the energy types within the Human Design system has its unique Aura, Strategy, Not-Self Theme, and Signature. Combined, these qualities provide direct pointers of how best to use energy, while being able to detect when acting out of alignment, or when on the correct path. 

Below, we’ll look at each in more detail.


An aura functions as a form of energy field, one that emanates from a person or living thing. Some traditions link auras to different colors, while Eastern spiritual traditions, including the chakra system, describe a person’s aura as the subtle body. 

Whether you intellectually buy into this or not, everyone is able to read the “energy” of places or people, like an invisible but palpable signature. Generators’ aura is open, welcoming, and magnetic.

Not-self theme

Emotions have their own intelligence, and by developing self-awareness, you can learn to read what your emotions are attempting to communicate. A core teaching of Human Design is that when misaligned, there is a core emotional quality that regularly surfaces. It’s not to say other emotions or emotional authority don’t exist, but one particular emotion will likely be present as a warning signal or alarm that something is… off.

This is known as the Not-Self Theme. For Generators and Manifesting Generators, this theme is frustration. Often Generators feel as if they’re trying to force things in life or push against resistance. All that energy is looking for somewhere to go, after all! So why is it that Generators often bump into hurdles or blockages on the way?

Let’s return to the sacral center. For Generators and Manifesting Generators, this center is defined. In Human Design, a defined center is fixed and reliable and acts as an inner authority. So Generators can rely on their sacral center when making decisions. This sacral response center isn’t based on logic or intellectual analysis; it’s a deeply embodied energy center, linked very much to gut feeling or instinct.

If you’re a Generator, I’d like you to reflect on how often your gut might be telling you something, but your mind tells you something else. Often inner conflict arises when there’s a contrast between what the ego believes it wants, and what the deeper intelligence of the body is attempting to communicate. 

The Not-Self Theme points to the fact that when ignoring the sacral center, and the gut-felt instinct, you will experience frustration. Equally, because Generators are huge sources of energy, frustration can arise when not having something appropriate to focus on.


In Human Design, the signature is the marker of being in alignment. Generators can tell if they’re on the right path by the feeling of deep satisfaction. Directing energy into the right activities will lead to deep fulfillment, contentment, and a strong sense of vitality. Because Generators make up the majority of the population, the balance between frustration and satisfaction has a big impact collectively. 

Modern culture is very much based on productivity, and many Generators are using their energy as fuel for a larger system of production and consumption. They’re cogs in a much bigger machine. Of course, everyone needs to work together for the betterment of humanity. But when millions or billions of Generators are placing their energy into projects that lead to frustration, you have a problem.

Part of the challenge for Generators, which the Human Design system attempts to provide a solution for, is to remove conditioning around where you think you should place your energy and to reconnect to the body’s intelligence. What does your gut instinct tell you about your work, your hobbies, your relationships? Do you feel satisfied, or frustrated? And what can you do about it?


We’ll save the most practical to last. That’s because the highest value of the Human Design System is the way in which it guides people to best utilize their energy. Most of the population are Generators, making it vital that this huge energy source is put to the best use. If you’re a generator, how do you know how to put this to good use? You apply your strategy.

A strategy is an approach in how to interact with life, and it differs for each energy type. Generators’ strategy is to wait to respond. To put this in context, Projectors’ strategy is to wait for an invitation, while Manifestors’ strategy is to initiate events. Generators aren’t encouraged to visualize with their mind and initiate, but to respond to their environment by being connected to their sacral center.

Remember that the Generator's aura is magnetic. Entering metaphysical territory means that waiting to respond isn’t disempowered or fruitless. It means that the opportunities, people, projects, and challenges will naturally be drawn to you. In being presented with these opportunities, you then get the choice in how you respond.

You might be presented with an opportunity that your mind feels you should pursue. But connecting deeply to the sacral center will offer a more valuable compass. Feelings of expansion or excitement in the stomach, for example, provide a green light, while feelings of contraction, fear, or even doubt, indicate a red flag.

Because Generators are all about directing energy, it’s vital that they only choose to respond when it’s a clear yes from the sacral center. A muddy or uncertain “maybe” is not worth pursuing. Like all elements of self-development, though, refining this process is trial and error and takes time. 

For more info on how to manifest something, check out our article on the subject.

Tips for Human Design Generators

To summarise, Human Design provides a context for Generators to get the most out of life, by directing their energy purposefully. With strong inner-fuel and energy, Generators are those who carry out steps to move humanity forwards. 

But their energy has to be directed consciously, rather than relying on the mind or ego. In order to find alignment, Generators have to learn how to follow their gut instinct. Below are a few key steps for Generators to begin applying this knowledge, and start moving along the path from frustration to satisfaction:

Improve your “gut-awareness” 

human design generator
(Jan-Otto / Getty)

I want you to imagine you’re learning a new language. The good news is, this is a language you inherently know but have lost connection with. It’s the language of your gut. To reconnect with this language, pay close attention to the sensations of the body, and the way your gut responds as you move through the world. 

Using mindfulness or meditation, become curious and hyper-aware of the sacral center. Learn to detect a “yes” from a “no”. Pay attention to the thoughts that arise in this process, too — it’s likely you’ll notice storylines that might minimize or dismiss the gut. This is what Human Design would call conditioning. From a young age, we’re taught to disconnect from our natural instincts, and even our use of sacral sounds, in order to conform.

Over time, the more you connect with your gut, the more you will be able to channel your energy based on what it tells you.

Take a regular frustration/satisfaction inventory

The core ethos of Human Design is experimentation. Even those who are skeptical can benefit if they put aside reservations and explore with curiosity. Reflect on the Not-Self Theme and Signature. 

Can you see how this plays out in your life? Do you see how this is a form of intelligence guiding you?

To develop a clearer picture of the patterns of Not-Self and Signature, make sure you take time for regular inventory, either through journaling or discussion with friends. Imagine your alignment is like walking a tightrope — either side lies frustration. But when in balance, you’ll feel satisfied.

Regularly note where frustration or satisfaction is surfacing, and adjust when necessary. If in doubt, tune into your gut, which will likely already be two steps ahead of the conscious mind.

Practice your strategy

Lastly, make sure to practice the strategy of responding. Because Generators have powerful sources of energy, many will attempt to initiate, but end up frustrated or burnt out. They might spend lots of time thinking about how to act, how to create, how to engage, but face lots of resistance.

The beauty of the strategy of responding is that it takes off some of the pressure. Why? Because the more you connect to your sacral center, the more you’ll notice that it responds on your behalf, without you having to spend energy thinking or analyzing. Your task is to listen, and when you feel the inner green light, to take the best course of action.

generator human design
(Thomas Barwick / Getty)

How to respond will likely be intuitively understood by the gut, too. Though it will take work to avoid overthinking once you get the go-ahead. Keep your gut-awareness strong throughout the process, and slowly but surely, you’ll begin to refine your energy and move closer to a deeply fulfilling life.

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