Idris Elba – Keep Your Head Down

“The difference between climbing a 100-feet and climbing 500-feet is a point of view. You won’t know you’re at the top until you get there, pal. Keep your head down. When I swim, 25 laps, guaranteed if I look up and start counting those laps, I’m petered out by 15. If I put my head down and keep working away and work at technique, work at internal rhythm, I hit that length; I don’t even know what length I’m on. Guarantee you I’ll look up and it’ll be 20 and 2 more, 3 more to go. That’s a very simple device. I think people find themselves incrementally checking how far they’ve got and when you compare it to anybody else or whatever, it’s a recipe for disaster. Just keep banging on.”
– Idris Elba