The inspiring story of how Adele found something deep inside to finish her album and ultimately go on to become one of the best-selling singers of all-time. Narrated by Eric Thomas.

“Adele blew my mind because as I was listening to her music, I could tell that this was real to her. And as I started studying the girl, I found out, I discovered that she had been through a breakup. And then when she got in the studio, they said her album 21 like, she was, she started the album, stopped for months cause she had no creativity right? But then they said all of a sudden her man broke up with her, woo! And not only did he break up with her, he broke up with her and got with somebody else and got engaged in a matter of weeks. He breaks her, he breaks her, he breaks her heart! And she goes into the studio and when she goes into the studio she just doesn’t sing something she made up, she actually sings something that’s true to her heart! At first jump she’s gifted yup, she knows how to write but it was kind of in the outer space, but then something happened to her, something broke her, and when that thing broke her, something within happened to her. At first it was just external but then something internal happened and something girl got up and said take me in the studio! Turn on the music. Play the music, turn on the sound system, put my head phones on, I got something for and she sang it like she never sang anything else and let me tell you something, out of that pain, out of that hurt, came the best album, the best single, the best song and six Grammys.” – Eric Thomas

Album:  21

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