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Jack Black Sees Young Wheelchair-Bound Fan with Terminal Illness - Serenades Him with ‘School of Rock’ Classic
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Jack Black Sees Young Wheelchair-Bound Fan with Terminal Illness - Serenades Him with ‘School of Rock’ Classic

The famous actor rocked the teen's world with a personal rendition of "The Legend of the Rent."

Jack Black is known for the loveable, goofy characters he plays in some of our favorite comedy movies (Nacho Libre, I'm looking at you). He infuses his own wacky style and sense of humor into each role he plays.

And while he's best known for his works on-screen, his off-screen works prove that his heart is just as big as his funny bone. Because not only is he a comedic genius, but he's also a really nice guy.

Jack Black Hosts a Pediatric Hospice Program Charity Event; Meets Terminally Ill Teen

Jack Black recently hosted the “Layla Paige and Friends Walk for TrinityKids Care,” an annual charity event that raises funds for a hospice program that provides compassionate end-of-life care to children and their families in Southern California.

More than 500 people participated in the event but it was one person in particular that caught Black's attention — 15-year-old Abraham.

Abraham has been in palliative care with TrinityKids Care for the past year. He has a rare mitochondrial disease called Pearson syndrome which affects the bone marrow and pancreas. He also just so happens to have a favorite movie: School of Rock. A movie that Black famously starred in back in 2003.

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In the cult classic, Black played the struggling rock guitarist Dewey Finn. Down on his luck, he poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. While there, he forms a student band called "School of Rock" and competes at the Battle of the Bands.

The movie features music by rock legends like The Who, AC/DC, and Jimi Hendrix, and introduces some great original songs as well.

Jack Black Breaks into Song & Unleashes his Inner Dewey Finn

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(The Independent)

Knowing just how much Abraham loves the movie and what a huge fan he is of Jack Black, his nurse organized a meet-and-greet. And luckily for all of us, the heartwarming interaction was caught on camera.

The video, shared by Abraham's mom, Veronica Zavala, on TikTok has gone viral with over 1M views. It shows that upon being introduced, Black took Abraham's hand and bent down to the wheel-chair bound teen's level to chat for a minute.

With a little prompting from his nurse, Abraham told the 53-year-old actor that he was a huge fan of School of Rock. He particularly loved the part with the kids and Black singing, "In the End of Time" aka "The Legend of the Rent."

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Black responded, saying "That's my favorite movie. Thank you!!" and in a classic "say no more" move, he immediately broke into song.

After singing the first few words, “In the end of time/ There was a man/ Who knew the road/ And the writing/ Was written on the stone,” Black double-checked with Abraham that it was the right song. It was.

He was just warming up.

Black then unleashed his inner rock guitarist, Dewey Finn, to the absolute delight of the teenager and all those watching.

Abraham nodded and smiled and even got in on some of the action as Black not only sang the tune but also scatted the guitar part.

After singing a couple of verses, Black said his farewells.


Abraham got to meet Jack Black and sign his favorite part to his Favorite movie “School of Rock” #teamAbraham #CapCut #fyp #FlexEveryAngle

The Impact Just a Few Moments Can Have on Someone's Life

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(Fox News)

The interaction may have only lasted a minute or two, but it definitely made a lasting impression.

Such a wonderful person,” Abraham's mother, Veronica said of Black. “He sang Abraham’s favorite song [‘The Legend of the Rent’] from his favorite Jack Black movie ‘School of Rock.’ Such joy in Abraham’s face as he heard him sing.”

Even a week later, Abraham was still flying high. Veronica told Upworthy, "It’s almost been a week since the meet, and Abraham is still talking about how he got to meet Jack."

Not only did Black take the time to stop and meet Abraham, but he struck a heartwarming chord by giving him a gift that really meant something to him; a little piece of musical magic.

Black made the effort to really personalize the experience, and in doing so, made the teen feel seen and heard. And it shows that fame and fortune have done nothing to change his big heart. Except maybe make it even bigger.

As one commenter put it, "Jack Black has a kindness to him that you can hear in his voice. It's always easy to forget that it doesn't take much to do a kind deed, and being kind to others makes you happier, so it's a win-win."


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