Jada Pinkett Smith – Make the Best of It

Jada Pinkett Smith talks about the importance of being happy, because it’s only when you take care of yourself that you have the capacity to take care of others.


“You’re a bad mother. You’re a bad mother if you do anything that makes you happy. You better be at home and at every single moment don’t you take your eyes off that kid, those children of yours, and that’s the messaging. That is the messaging and that messaging will drive somebody crazy. You have a right to be happy.

Your happiness is what fuels you from the inside. You. I’ve given all this up for you and you’ve got to make this right by me and you’re supposed to make me happy because we’ve lost our way on how to make ourselves happy. You have to take care of yourself in order to have the alignment and the power to take care of others at the capacity that we do because when you stop taking care of yourself, you get out of balance and you really forget how to take care of others.

You know that’s why it’s very difficult to look at something and go that’s right, that’s wrong, because you don’t know. You don’t know where your gifts lie. You don’t know where your treasures are. You just go with the flow and make the best of it.”