While our healthcare workers are going above and beyond to do their best against the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to take the time to celebrate them. Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel led by example when they surprised a nurse who has been infected and self-isolated.

Healthcare workers at the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic are the heroes of the world right now. They are putting their lives and families at risk to save ours. Many go through this fight while self-isolating too.

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston heard about Kimball Fairbanks , a cardiovascular nurse from St. George, Utah, who had been caring for COVID-19 patients, until she ended up catching the virus herself.

It only took one patient

Kimball shared a powerful Instagram post telling the story of how she found out she had the virus. She had been taking care of a patient who ended up being positive. As she emphasizes “because someone had chosen to travel instead of staying home” she also fell prey to the virus.


She shared that she had been feeling like she had been “hit by a train.” When she got tested, the results was positive. While she has not been hit hard by the virus, unlike the many unfortunate others who have either succumbed to it or felt more serious symptoms, self-isolation has been most difficult for her.

Self-isolation meant that she could not be with her two children, a 4-year-old and an 18-month-old, both girls for fear of infecting them. Additionally, it also prevents her from helping during this pandemic, as her colleagues are still struggling with the rising numbers of cases.

A surprise despite self-isolation

Kimball’s story soon caught the attention of Jimmy Kimmel, who invited her to his show so she could share her story. However, she had no idea that she would be getting a surprise from no other than Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer joined the video chat to Kimball’s great surprise and had a touching message to address to her.

I just have to say, God bless you and all of you that are out there doing what you’re doing. You’re just phenomenal.

Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel

Aniston and Kimmel didn’t stop there though. They decided to help out the woman who can’t even cook her own meals right now with a $10,000 gift card to Postmates.

Yet, they had an even greater surprise. Kimball is not the only one affected by this crisis so they extended the gift to the other nurses who work with her.

And, on top of that, Postmates has generously offered to give gift cards to all the nurses on your floor there, so that they can order, too, on the rare occasion that they get to go home and rest.

Jimmy Kimmel

Kimball is looking forward to rejoining the hospital force

The gift made Fairbanks smile, as did the prospect of her self-isolation ending and being able to see her children again. And one other thing, she is looking forward to returning to work, to help people once again.

Kimball is only one example of many who have shown that their profession is more than a livelihood to them. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that their patients are taken care of, despite the difficult working conditions, the crazy length of their shifts and the lack of protective equipment.

The least we can do is to listen to their advice.

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