John Travolta – Rise Above It All

John Travolta urges us never to take our failures and mistakes to heart, but to learn from them and keep feeding our spirits so you can rise above it all.


It’s as bad as it gets, you look in the newspaper, it’s bad news. You look over your shoulder, it’s bad news. They say, ‘If you want me to cry, I’ll cry right now for you because I can find so much sadness in the world, I can find so much tragedy, I can find so much heartache that it will just be massive.’ Okay?

“Now, where’s the joy? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the fun? That’s the goal to me, so I’ve never understood why so much is harped on the negative because negative is easy, dark is easy. You know, shame on you if you get a few people firing at you and you think you’re crap suddenly, shame on you for believing it.

“I think you learn by your failures and you learn by your mistakes, but you don’t take them to heart because as soon as you do it takes the spirit out of you. You die a little bit, so you get through that the best you can by living life fully and using the spirit of other people to feed you and you feed them. You rise above it all that way.”