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Kate Bosworth Posts Incredibly Vulnerable #10yearchallenge, Inspires Us to Focus on What Really Matters

Kate Bosworth Posts Incredibly Vulnerable #10yearchallenge, Inspires Us to Focus on What Really Matters

All of social media is currently loving the #10yearchallenge, where people take a photo of themselves a decade ago and put it side-by-side with a more recent photo. It’s a fun throwback, but also a way of bragging about how well we've aged -- so, of course, even celebrities are getting involved!

Kate Bosworth got involved, too, but refreshingly did not make it about her looks (which were stellar then and now). Instead, on Instagram, Bosworth tried to offer a bit of fresh perspective on aging, and frankly, she makes an excellent point through a more introspective, vulnerable lens.

Following the trend of posting a new and a decade-old photo of yourself side-by-side, she writes, "I have seen the 10 [year] challenge everywhere and it got me to thinking -- what is the actual challenge? To look the same? Better? Different?"

"For me, it was to look back on a human in her 20s (left photo) wide-eyed, [and] living in a ton of fear because I felt no control over my life. I had neither the experience nor the tools to really understand myself. I started out in this industry at 14 years old -- quite by accident. Anyone who follows me from middle school or high school will tell you -- I was (and still am) a normal kid from a small town.

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"But that girl on the left was not prepared for the

wacky/cruel/overwhelming attention fame can bring, and I truly did not know how

to process any of it. I internalized the fear, did not communicate much, and

certainly did not voice my extreme vulnerability, as I felt it was a


"Regardless of the road traveled, the 20s can be weird and confusing. You are developing. This requires patience and self-care: both qualities I admittedly did not have at the time. I kind of barrelled through the decade in an attempt to fake looking cool [and] confident (I wasn't) [and] feel less pain." she continued.

"How do I feel about evolving from fear and learning to live through love? AWESOME. Aware there are always growing pains in life, but what a miracle to be alive. The woman on the right [photo] feels grateful to create art in different ways, finds strength in vulnerability -- and beyond anything else -- she knows love is everything. Also, 'cool [and] confident' to me now is goofy, kind, and honest."

"Go easy on your hearts now 20 [year] olds -- you're not supposed to have it figured out. Find mentors, lean on those you trust who have more life experience. Thanks for this challenge, here's to the next 10. I hear the 40s are even better ;)"

This may be the most inspirational take on the challenge, which can be hurtful, or at least err on the side of neurosis, we hope others with as much influence follow suit and help show that personal growth is incredibly powerful.


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