Nicki Minaj was fiercely independent from the moment she took the world of music by storm a few years ago.

Since then, her message of self-love and independence has only gotten stronger. Minaj takes every opportunity to empower others, whether it’s on social media, in interviews or on stage.

With the upcoming release of her new album Queen, the fierce rapper has been dropping some very real relationship advice on Twitter, talking about the difference between healthy and toxic romantic relationships, the power of independence, and self-esteem.

It’s not love if they don’t respect you

Speaking frankly on toxic people and unhealthy relationships, tackling emotional and physical abuse, Minaj spared no punches, telling fans that the appearance of happiness is not worth the pain that lies behind.

“#Queen, know your worth” is a message that people of all genders should take to heart, and remember that a well-curated social media life is not worth an unhappy real-world life. Not being appreciated for who you are and not being encouraged in your pursuits are not sacrifices anyone should make for the sake of a relationship.

After all, if someone doesn’t love us for who we are, then they never really did love us, did they?

Self-worth comes from within

Minaj also shared a powerful reminder:  We all have an individual identity outside of relationships. Our value and worth as people is and should never be dependent on others, especially on a romantic partner.

Emphasizing the importance of balance and equality, the Chun-Li songstress tweeted that “being equally yoked is what you should strive for.” And in the same short but powerful tweet, she urged everyone to learn to love themselves before they embark on a romantic relationship.

We don’t owe our time and being to anybody but ourselves.

Out the abusers, defend the victims

In a nod to the still growing #MeToo movement, Minaj called out those who defend confirmed abusers and put down victims.

As someone who’s been involved with multiple high-profile artists who took public revenge on her post-breakup, Minaj has had her fair share of hate, insults and ugly rumors directed at her. Why? Because she has never been willing to sacrifice her career or happiness for the sake of someone else’s needs.

Equal partners means equal needs

Referencing a recently-ended relationship, Minaj spoke of an ex that expected her to conform to his timeline, regardless of her plans, career or needs, of someone who offered marriage not for the sake of equal companionship, but as a bargaining chip for his wants.

Be respectful or be alone

Young Money label mate Mack Maine piped in with his support for Nicki, jokingly predicting a “breakup season” as a result of Nicki’s impromptu dating masterclass.

True to her words, Minaj replied to Maine, reminding him that he too has gotten some much-needed advice on equality from her. The rap queen continued by saying that those who don’t treat their partner right may very soon end up alone — if she has anything to say about it.