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Kendrick Lamar: Make the Most of Every Moment
Kendrick Lamar inspiring story

Kendrick Lamar: Make the Most of Every Moment

Kendrick Lamar - Pimp the Situation

Kendrick Lamar shares his inspiring story about empathy, and how he realized that every moment in life is an opportunity to be seized.


"Kendrick Lamar:Three of my homeboys that summertime was murdered, close ones, too, not just somebody that I hear about. These people I grew up with. Psychologically, it messes your brain up. When I went to Africa and I got to see other peoples' problems, I'm looking at this guy on the side. We stop. We get gas or whatever, and I'm just ignoring him because of where I come from. These are just panhandlers.

Interviewer:You don't engage.

KL:I don't engage. I know what you're going to do with the money. You're going to smoke it off. You're going to get some crack or whatever. Even if how much you tell me that you want to do this one, I know what you're going to do, so I'm not going to engage in it, but the moment I actually engaged with him, he said, 'God bless you. This is your calling.' It blew my mind, really tripped me out, making me think. These are moments in my life deeper than just handing somebody a dollar. These are actually moments of integrity, being able to actually talk to somebody. Me talking to him was simply a thank you.

That was the moment I knew everybody go through trials and tribulations and make mistakes, but I can either pimp this situation or I can fall victim to it. You know what I mean? How can I use it for better or for worse? With money and with my celebrity, how can I use it? How can I pimp it? Can I pimp it negatively or can I pimp it in a positive way?"

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