Sometimes, no matter how famous and successful we are, we need a reminder to take a moment to be present and appreciate a meaningful moment. This happened to Lady Gaga while filming A Star Is Born, from the very first day, she shared on the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

“My very first scene with Bradley, I was in my head. Something was going on,” she told Ryan Seacrest, who conducted the red carpet interview. “[After I said my line,] he said something back to me that wasn’t the line I thought was he was going to say, and I just said my same line again. Then he said something else, and I just said the same line again.”

 “I started crying, I couldn’t let it go … The scene happened as written, and it happened in a much more organic way. Bradley taught me how to be present, had to work really hard to be this character. She’s nothing like me,” she said.

Lady Gaga, who wore a gorgeous blue Valentino dress which matched her hair to the Globes, was also very emotional on the press tour for the film. For example, when cast members Cooper, Gaga, Anthony Ramos and Sam Elliott appeared on Good Morning America for a teary interview in which they praised each other for their work on the highly-anticipated movie.

“I’m just so glad God gave her the talent that she has and he chose her, because that’s quite a vessel to go through,” said Cooper. “Because it’s really what you do with it, and she’s such a beautiful human being.”

Gaga felt the same way. “We had instant chemistry when I met him,” she said. “As soon as I opened the door to my house and saw him, it was like, ‘You hungry?’ We’re both Italian and from the East Coast and before I knew it, I was heating up some leftovers for him and we were eating together.”

Sometimes life’s most important events leave us overwhelmed, and so caught up we don’t get to feel and appreciate the experience. Lady Gaga teaches us it’s important to take a moment to take stock and really feel everything around you. Don’t let that moment pass — make an effort to be present.