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Legend of the Phoenix: 3 Ways to Rise Up from Rock Bottom
Phoenix - Rise up from rock bottom
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Legend of the Phoenix: 3 Ways to Rise Up from Rock Bottom

The phoenix signifies renewal, hope, and a new life sculpted from her own distinct blueprint. Some see her as a pure myth. I see her as an authentic truth. She represents the innate power that lies hidden within us all, the gift of rebirth whenever we choose, for we always have free will. Her death embodies a spirited transformation, a transition from one life to the next, where she can evolve and gather even greater strength for the journey ahead. 

The burning pyre of rock bottom is her fuelling ground, her departure from a life that no longer fits into one where she sights new heights to reach. Here is where the beauty of our rock bottom places lie -- it is our chance for regeneration and reprise

The Phoenix, Rebirth and Renewal: 3 Ways to Rise Up from Rock Bottom

Legend of the Phoenix: 3 Ways to Rise Up from Rock Bottom

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

J. K. Rowling (read more quotes)

Rock bottom feels like it’s the end, but it is actually the beginning. Life is cyclical; a rhythm of revolutions and rock bottom is the toughest curve on that circuit. It is a distinctly painful place to be, knocked to your knees where traces of hope lie silently before you.

Yet when you step outside of self-sabotaging thoughts you begin to sense that your soul and spiritual essence holds no fear, just a resolute presence. You are hanging on by a thread -- but you are still in the game. You must trust that if you have hit rock bottom then it is because you now have the opportunity to turn it to your advantage.

You can use your low points as a place to elevate and amplify yourself from or you can allow them to sink you further down. Choose to rise up. Rock bottom places are fertile ground for beginning anew and seeing things with a clarity that was previously dimmed from your sight. An inner vision takes over. Sometimes we need these painfully profound experiences to actually extract us, sometimes without mercy, from comfort zones and familiarity.

Reflect and galvanise

In tough situations we are faced with our deepest fears, and our pain becomes like a mirror. Adjusting our perspective to what is reflected through that mirror is the game changer -- face your struggles; look them in the eye and stand up to what makes you afraid.

There is no freedom or release in denial or looking away. Freedom is found in the weave and inflections of the storm that you will pass through. Whatever challenges you may be up against only hold the strength you give to them. You can only move through struggles once you acknowledge and accept them -- the polarity of life cannot be avoided.

It’s your story, choose to change the story and write a different chapter, one that says this is not my destination; it’s just a small part of my journey. Let your will be stronger than your wounds and your fortitude greater than your fears. Galvanise all you have within; defeat is simply a state of mind.

Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.

- Muhammad Ali (read more quotes)

Look for your new beginning

There is no end point; everything has the chance for revival. In the midst of darkness there lies your new beginning, a fresh hope, and a spark of light that shines for a way forward.

Seek out your new start, and use your rock bottom place as a point to ‘springboard’ forward from it. When things fall apart it is often because the foundations were not strong enough in the first place, or you have simply outgrown that environment, relationship, or workplace. We have a magical ability to mend. Life offers us many opportunities to evolve and realize our inner strength and courage. We need to be open to what could be. Power lies in the possibilities.

Find your new beginning

Curiosity and creativity need fresh breathing space to wash in with new energy. In order to accept these gifts with hearts wide open, we first need to let go of what no longer serves its purpose for growth and contentment. We have the intrinsic ability to regenerate and reinvent ourselves at any time, and just like the legend of the phoenix goes, we can be reborn from the ashes and rise to greater glory more wonderfully than before. The phoenix does not deny the death and destruction, her power and victory lies in her resurgence from it.

The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.

- Miguel De Cervantes

A retrospective blessing

We can easily fall into anxiety and spirals of fear born from shattered hopes and dreams. We frequently question harsh circumstances because we don’t understand their purpose -- you think to yourself "Why me?"

We may even feel like we are somehow being punished for any past wrongs or mistakes that we made. Remember that life does not punish you, yet it will push and prepare you. Your journey is something that you craft and create according to your unique life experiences.

In truth we won’t understand the value of our trials and tribulations until we are in a position to look back at them and see how they made us wiser and stronger. Adversity only serves to ignite and fire up our resolve. It nudges us to dig deep and keep uncovering layers of our own inherent wisdom -- the deeper we go, the more truth we find. Don’t expect to have all the answers right away, but trust that at some point you will be able to look back and connect the dots to find the blessing.

Keep rising!

Our lowest points are insightful places we unconsciously or subconsciously choose as transportation to a more inspired and meaningful sphere of life. When you are hit hard is when you can hit back and find a unique way to illuminate your way through the darkness. It is only when we are struck and jolted from comfort that our survival instincts kick in. It is a chance for metamorphosis -- the breaking of the butterfly out of the cocoon, and into transformational new territory.

Rock bottom can be a gift that sparks your way to greatness: the phoenix doesn’t fear the flames -- she immerses herself in them because she knows her beautiful renewal awaits.

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