People go through a series of difficult experiences in life that might force them to contemplate their past. During these periods of reflection or regret, they’ll sometimes wish they could turn back time, either to return to “the good old days” or to undo the mistakes they’ve made. They might long for a time machine because they believe it would make their lives better and happier.

Goodbye Regrets: Why You Should Stop Wanting to Turn Back Time

Last night, out of curiosity, I asked a few friends of mine to answer one of two questions, either “What would they change first if they could turn back time?” or “Where would they go in time if they could?” Although none of them were expecting the questions, they each had an answer ready: “I’d like to go back to my high school years,” “If I could turn back time, I would’ve never let X into my life,” and “I would’ve never accepted my last job.” The more we discussed their regrets, the more we realized there were far more periods they would want to return to, and far more mistakes they would want to fix.

Life won’t always be easy to live. It won’t always be fair. You will fall. But you will also get back up. It’s important to remember that the ups and downs in life are what make us us, and what makes each of us unique. Time-traveling wouldn’t solve anything.

So if you are one of those whose regrets often have them wishing they could turn back time, then here are 5 reasons you should stop looking backward, and start moving forward.

You will never be able to turn back time

Scientists have proven that time travel is physically impossible. So why even bother thinking about it? It’s just a waste of time!

You need to make mistakes to grow

Remember, you are human. You will always make mistakes. Undoing mistakes from the past will not prevent you from making mistakes in the future. And even if you could undo all the wrong you’ve done throughout the years and live a perfect life, would you want to? After all, making mistakes is crucial for self-growth and development. In fact, the best lessons learned often come from the worst mistakes made.

Goodbye regrets - You need to make mistakes to grow

Turning back time would change your entire future

Perhaps you’re in an amazing relationship. Perhaps you have beautiful children. And perhaps you have the greatest job. Do you realize that turning back time could affect all of this? Think about it — would you want your life to be completely different? Would you want to erase all that you currently have?

You are who you are because of where you’ve been

Every choice you’ve made, every mistake you’ve made, every single person you’ve met, and every problem you’ve encountered, has taught you something important. Everything in life is a lesson in disguise.

There’s always been a plan out there for you

Although it might not seem like it, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Trust the timing of your life! Don’t fight it!

So what is the lesson learned? Stop thinking about the past. Accept past hurts and mistakes, forgive yourself, and move on. In order to live a life that is fulfilled and truly happy, you must live in the present and without regrets. Start appreciating the moments that today offers. Appreciate the fact that you have friends who you can go out with and family who you can spend time with. It’s those little things that make a world of difference.