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Les Brown: Don't Give Up on Your Dreams
Les Brown's inspirational story

Les Brown: Don't Give Up on Your Dreams

Les Brown - Never Stop Running

Motivational speaker Les Brown shares his inspirational story about the importance of running after your dreams, even when the end goal seems far out of sight.


"He sleeps on the floor, him and two other dreamers up there. Look at them. It was hard, ladies and gentlemen, coming to speak to people, and I was facing financial difficulties in my own life. I was behind on my bills and my dreams, and I'm saying to them, 'You can live your dream.' It was hard, ladies and gentlemen. It was very difficult to pick myself up each day believing that I can do it. There were times that I doubted myself. I said, 'God, why is this happening to me? I'm just trying to take care of my children and my mother. I'm not trying to steal or rob from anybody. Why does this have to happen to me?' It was very hard, and here's what I want to say to you, for those of you that have experience some hardships. Don't give up on your dream.

"No one could have convinced me by holding on, by continuing to push forward, by continuing to run toward my dream. It's a long shot, ladies and gentlemen, from Liberty City, in an abandoned building on the floor, never knowing my mother or father. It's a long shot. Being here with you today in this dome in Atlanta, it's a long shot. No college training, labeled uneducable, mental retarded, but I kept running toward my dream. Don't stop running towards your dream. Don't stop."

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