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Let Mr. Old Spice Teach You a Thing or Two
Success Stories

Let Mr. Old Spice Teach You a Thing or Two


Mr. Old Spice, Terry Crews, is a man of many gifts.

An NFL player turned beloved Hollywood actor, Terry continues to grace the screen with lovable characters such as Which Chicks’ Latrell Spencer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Sergeant Terry Jeffords.

But Terry’s success has not always come easy. Born in Flint, Michigan to an alcoholic father, Terry was determined to make a better life for himself and escape his abusive household. His big break came when he received an arts scholarship which was later followed by a full-ride athletic scholarship to Western Michigan University.

However, after retiring from the NFL in 1997, Terry felt stuck and at a loss.

“You’re larger than life, and then all of a sudden, they don’t know your name. They don’t know your number. They don’t know who you are.”

His unemployed status propelled him into a deep depression. And to cope, he turned to food.

His late-night binging led him to gain 30 pounds. After losing control over his body, Terry vowed that he would never get to that place again, and started following a strict dietary and exercise regimen.

In 2014, Terry shocked fans with a secret he had been harboring for a long time. In his autobiography, Manhood: How to Be a Better Man or Just Live with One, he reveals his struggle with pornography addiction and the strain it put on his marriage and career.

Fearing he might lose his wife, Terry sought help by enrolling in a rehabilitation program. He now publicly shares his experience with addiction in hopes of de-stigmatizing and encouraging those affected to seek help.

Last year, Terry co-launched a design house, Amen&Amen, with fashion designer Nana Boetang. His foray into designing furniture was initially met with resistance by those around him, but he continued to persist, having made a habit out of pursuing his creative passions. Whether it’s painting, sketching, or acting – Terry continues to surprise us with his drive and ambition to prove the haters wrong.

Here are some of our favorite teaching moments with Terry Crews:

Ignore the Doubters

"Man, don’t ever let anybody talk you out of something like that again."

Battle Your Mindset

"We don't battle people. You battle mindsets that attempt to put people down."

Be Happy and Dissatisfied

"My habit was taking me somewhere I didn't want to go!"

Never Stop Exploring

"You start to say, ‘Oh. Maybe I can go this way. Maybe I can go that way.’ But if you stay in one spot, you’re never going to get anything."

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