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There is a factor that gives some people an unfair advantage in life and business — their network. A powerful network can create a quantum leap in the number of business opportunities you get, your career and your income. People who are born into well connected families do have a clear advantage, but it is possible for you to make your own luck by building a new network full of thoughtful and help people.

Shapr, a free networking app, is working to level the playing field. The app gives you the power to connect to the right people, even if you are an incredibly busy person or have no network to start. Shapr can help level the playing field by introducing interesting people that can play a role in your success.

You are the sum of your network

Famed speaker Jim Rohn once made the statement that you are the sum of the five people you hang around with the most. The implication of his statement is that you absolutely need to surround yourself with people who are as motivated as you. If you only stick to your circles, unless you are one of the few lucky people born into a top business family, it will be much harder to rise in your career.

Let’s say that your goal is to launch a business. Shapr can introduce other thoughtful and motivated professionals who may have complimentary skills to your own and could make the perfect cofounders. If your goals are more personal, such as strategizing a promotion or exploring a career change, there are likely several people on the app who can provide advice from their own unique career paths.

To get started, you just need to download Shapr and fill out some simple profile information. Shapr will probe into a community of over 1 million users to curate nearby people who share your interests. Every day, you will see up to 20 people selected for you, and can swipe right on the profiles that most interest you. When the interest to connect is mutual, the app will unlock messaging, and you can schedule a time to continue the conversation offline.

Make connections in minutes

Shapr gives you the ability to build a high-quality, hyper-relevant network in just minutes a day. The only time required is the time you’ll spend meeting your matches face to face, actually building meaningful, mutually beneficial friendships with people that match your goals. Shapr is one of the only social media apps that is actually meant to connect people in real life. It’s like the best dinner party you’ve ever been invited to, only it’s on your phone and you don’t need to know the host to get in the door.

So why does it work? Well, Shapr doesn’t look at your last name as a factor in your success. Shapr instead focuses on what you bring to the table – your unique set of interests and your commitment to also being helpful and thoughtful with others on the app.

Download the app now and you’ll see how easy it is to make new connections!