The moment brought tears to onlookers eyes.

It is second nature to ignore everything and everyone around you in favor of looking at your phone, especially on a long public transit commute.

In New York City, however, the subway is full of activity, from churro carts to mariachi bands. Regardless, after a while, all of the sights and sounds that once seemed crazy fade into the background, and the phone once again commands attention.

If you do look up and take in your surroundings, you might find that there are people right next to you with something special to offer.

When one busy young professional looked up from his surroundings, he noticed a young boy observing him. The two connected and a tender moment occurred that brought tears to the eyes of commuters around them.

Why a Boy Was Peering at a Stranger’s Phone on the Subway

yellow seats on empty subway
Photo by Pixabay

A 30-something man dressed casually in a t-shirt was playing a game on his phone while riding the subway. He was zeroed in on the screen, barely noticing the people around him.

Seated right next to him, a little boy in a purple hat, whose feet barely reached the subway floor, was peering over, trying to see what was happening in the man’s game.

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The boy’s eyes were glued to the screen and when his neighbor finally noticed how interested he was, he did something very few people would do. He unplugged his headphones and handed the phone over to the little boy.

He quickly explained how to play, then watched with a smile as the boy immersed himself even further into the universe of the game. 

“You can see that the kid is so innocent and pure while the man was just so kind hearted. May God bless them both,” a person commented on YouTube.

How a Stranger Proved the Importance of Sharing

The beautiful moment was caught on film by another commuter, Kia Tatiyana Davis, who was sitting across from the unlikely pair.

She shared the video on YouTube, explaining how the pure sweetness of the interaction brought tears to her eyes. The video went viral, getting over 29 million views and inspiring the masses along the way.

The young man was able to entertain the boy and make him feel special with a very simple and kind gesture: sharing!

We teach children the importance of sharing every day, but this event really highlighted the impact it can have on everyone.