The heartwarming “first-look” was caught on camera and has gone viral on social media.

Weddings are a joyous time of celebrating the love and joining together of two people. The ceremony is often an emotional one, accompanied by plenty of smiles and a few tears.

But in this particular instance, it’s what happens before the ceremony that has everyone crying.

In an emotional “first look” video that has gone viral with over 7M views and counting, 11-year-old Mekhi Sheffield breaks down in tears when he sees his mother in her wedding dress.

Not only is it a beautiful moment between a mother and son but it is also a powerful testament to the special bond that they share.

Grab the tissues. You’re going to need them.

The Special Moment Caught on Tape

Sommer Brooks (now Jean) was moments away from marrying her fiance Jeffrey Jean when she paused to share a sweet exchange with her sixth-grade son Mekhi. She wanted the chance to see him before he walked her down the aisle.

After all, it wasn’t just a special day for her, it was for him as well.

They were both about to embark on a new life together and he was going to be with her, every step of the way.

The special moment was captured by Sommer’s hairstylist, Thomas Adrianna, and shared by both Adrianna and Sommer’s make-up artist, Natalie Lewis, on their various social channels, including Facebook and TikTok.

Since being posted, the clip has gone insanely viral. And for good reason. It may just be one of the most wholesome and endearingly pure moments ever caught on tape.

The Mother & Son First Look That Will Have You Sobbing

The video opens with Mehki, dressed in a suit, walking down a hallway toward his mother’s bridal suite. As soon as he walks into the room, Sommers exclaims, “Oh, you look so handsome!” 

Mekhi, seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time, replies, “Wow, mom, you look really pretty.”

As the mother-son duo pauses to take each other in, Sommers asks, “You ready to walk me down the aisle? You think you can do it? You going to cry?”

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Mekhi nods his head, yes, and quickly asks for a napkin. He struggles to get his emotions in check but is overcome and the tears start flowing.

While at first glance it may just seem to be the reaction of a young boy seeing his mother in a wedding dress, it is, in actuality, so much more.

The two share a hug and as Sommers wipes away his tears, she asks, “Happy tears?”

Through his sobs, Mekhi responds, “Yes, I’m so happy for you.”

And now we’re ALL crying.

The video ends with the pair exchanging “I love you’s” and Mekhi giggling.

The Young Boy’s Tears are About More Than Just a Wedding Dress

Reaction to the video has been overwhelming. Thousands of people shared that the video brought them to tears.

However, it’s not just the fact that Mekhi cries upon seeing his mom that has people reaching for the kleenex box. It’s why he cries that really has us all tearing up.

It was the moment that Mekhi reassured his mom that he was crying happy tears because he was “so happy” for her that really hit hard.

Oftentimes, marriages involving step-parents can be tricky to navigate. There are a lot of dynamics at play. As a parent, you can’t help but worry about how your child will respond, regardless of how much you all may love each other.

The fact that Mekhi was just so happy to see his mom happy truly is a powerful testament to their relationship and the incredibly strong bond that they share. The connection and the love that they have is palpable. There really is something about moms and their sons.

Knowing that her son was happy for her and shared in her own happiness is the greatest wedding gift Mekhi could give. And it is one that will last long after the wedding day has passed.


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