As we are coming to the end of 2017, I know that you had amazing goals planned for this year and many things that you desired to experience and do. It’s not too late.

Whatever challenges you may have faced this year, or breakthroughs that you may have enjoyed, I want to remind you that the end can be better than the beginning.

One of the most transformational mindset shifts I have been able to make in my own life, and a strategy that you can use right now to shift your perspective and circumstances completely, is to choose love over fear.

Choose Love Over Fear to Finish This Year With a Bang

Love Over Fear: The Powerful Strategy to Finish This Year Strong

Ultimately we know deeply that on the other side of every fear is freedom.

– Mary Ferguson

I know it might seem simple, but this is one of the most powerful strategies and ways of being I have ever seen.

There are opportunities that are still available for you this year. The business and brand you desire to create can be launched successfully — but if you’re honest with yourself, perhaps you have been animated by fear all year instead of by love.

Fear-based living is sabotaging your dreams

Fear-based living is choosing to believe that there is a lack in your life and that there is never enough. Fear is thinking that you might not be able to finish and that you will disappoint everyone, which is why you don’t take action. Fear is choosing to postpone your dreams to wait for the “right” moment, because you’re afraid that if you invest in something now you won’t have enough money to do the other things you desire.

Fear is choosing to play small because somewhere deep down inside, you believe that this will not work for you; that your desires will not bear fruit because you believe you have tried everything and that nothing has worked in the past. Fear is choosing to play safe and hold on to the security of where you are now, no matter how unfulfilling.

I used to be in that place. It literally scared me, and kept me up many nights until 1am. But like waking from a deep sleep, I finally realized that being addicted to fear had only kept me from my dreams.

Fear is an addiction, and so is playing the victim. 

Choosing love instead

So how do you transform that? You choose love. It’s simple, but not easy. You have to become conscious and intentional about it. This is why I’ve kept a post-it on my computer that says “Choose Love Instead” as a daily reminder.

Love is believing that on the other side of your fear is everything you desire. Love is choosing to believe that your actions will always bear fruit no matter what happened in the past. Love is choosing to believe that the end is ALWAYS better than the beginning.

Love is choosing to go for your dreams from a no-matter-what place, because if you can visualize who you are meant to be, you will become it.

Love is taking chances despite fear or circumstances, because you are not a victim. You are a superstar.

Love is choosing to believe that there is always something you can do to turn things around. And love is choosing to stand in your power, defy the impossible, have courage, and stand in the light of all that is possible for you.

Superstars do not sit on the sidelines and watch life happen to them. You do not need any handouts — you are an empowered woman or man who is capable of fulfilling your desires.

Make this year’s end better than the beginning

I want to see you end your year better than you began it. This why I am inviting you to make the shift this year personally and professionally, and to get out of fear and claim your breakthrough by choosing love.

My desire this year is to help as many women as possible fulfill their desire to create a brand and life that are styled for freedom. 

Opportunities to make the change in your life are presented to you every day. I had a client who wrote me recently to say that she had the biggest month of her entire career this month. I was filled with joy, because I know her journey and where she started. And so I know that this type of quantum leap is available to you too.

This journey isn’t just about the money you make, but about who you become in the process.

You have to choose whether you will stay a victim of your circumstances or whether you will stand strong as the superstar you are meant to be.

I am here for you, and know that so much more is possible for you if you will allow yourself to just go for it now.