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Man Saves Up For A Year And Surprises Wife With Key To Dream Home
Man Surprises Wife Dream Home
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Man Saves Up For A Year And Surprises Wife With Key To Dream Home

When they were driving one day, a woman spotted a house and said that was her dream home. A year later, her husband saved up to buy the spectacular property and gave her the key in an epic surprise recorded on video.

She had no idea he'd bought her dream home

In a viral video, a man presents his wife with a gift box — but she has no idea what it is.

While she spends minutes unwrapping box after box after box, the man uses cards to break the fourth wall and tell the audience what he's giving her and why.

On the cards, he explains that they were driving one day and she spotted a home that she thought would be her dream home. Little did she know, he secretly wrote the address down.

After saving his money for a year, the man made an offer to buy the home. "It's ours and she doesn't know," he wrote on one of the cards.

Eating pizza on the floor together was his favorite moment

Before getting to this point in their relationship, the couple had been together for 12 years and had two baby girls together. The man explained that his wife is hard-working and a great mother. "She deserves it!" he wrote.

"But we started with nothing," he continues.

The couple's first apartment was tiny and they couldn't afford furniture. One day, they ordered pizza and ate it on the floor because they didn't have tables or chairs to eat at. "It's my favorite memory," he wrote.

"I love her so much. Now we start this new chapter."

A surprise for the ages

Meanwhile, the woman gets down to the end of the boxes with just a tiny ring box left. The man tells her to take the box outside and she starts to get suspicious. Now outside, she opens the box to find a key to the massive property in front of her — her dream home.

They run in together, and if you weren't crying at this point you might just start here because he jumps on the floor and opens a pizza, just like at their first apartment.

The kiss, and live happily ever after, or so we presume.

In the comments, someone said: "Beautiful, cried when she saw the key. What a beautiful person her husband is. What a lucky woman."

Another commenter wrote: "This is so wonderful. Life brings us joy in the smallest and biggest moments in our lives with the ones we love. Congrats on your new home!"

Dreams do come true

You don't need to buy your partner a home to show you appreciate your partner. Small gifts are nice too. Or even heartfelt expressions of love. But this video demonstrates what a loving partnership can accomplish and how, sometimes, your partner can help make your dreams come true.

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