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Shocked Mom Finds Dozens of Notes In Her Daughter's Drawers - Realizes Her Husband Has Given Them
Mom Finds Dozens of Sweet Notes Her Husband Had Given Their Daughters
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Shocked Mom Finds Dozens of Notes In Her Daughter's Drawers - Realizes Her Husband Has Given Them

Sometimes, nothing can prepare a parent for what they'll find in their child's room.

The camera pans from a mother in tears to the room and they're strewn all over the place. What would motivate anyone -- let alone her husband -- to do something like this?

We'll let you decide.

A Shocking Discovery

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It's a natural law that parents are tempted to snoop around on their kids. After all, as they grow up (way too quickly), they do more and share less, leaving their once-informed parents in the dark about their lives.

Yet, most parents will do their best to resist and respect their kids' privacy. However, they do have small windows into their world like, for example, placing fresh clothes in their drawers.

As per Good Morning America, Sabrina Clendenin, a 33-year-old mother of three girls, gasped when she opened one of their drawers and found something shocking.

"What I laid out on the tables were not even all of them," Sabrina Clendenin said. "When I came across them all stuffed in a drawer, I was like, 'What in the world?'" she recalled.

Indeed, when she figures out what's going on, it sets social media on fire.

A Father’s Epic Bond

Clendenin quickly realizes that her husband is the culprit, and he's left them all over. Her utter shock gives her the motivation to go on TikTok and expose it to the world.

The video starts with her covering her face in tears as the camera pans around the room. The caption reads 'When you find all the lunch notes your kids keep from their dad.'

There, laid out on three tables placed side-by-side, are sticky notes authored by husband Jordan Clendenin. He'd been packing them with his girls' lunches every day, and they cherished them so much they kept every single one.

They include messages of love and encouragement like, "I love you very very much! You’re such an amazing daughter!” and "Try to remember a thing that makes you smile or laugh in school today."

Clendenin also shares that her husband gets creative with themed days such as "What am I Wednesday, Fun Fact Friday, Motivational Monday."

A Father’s Notes Go Viral

The video goes absolutely bonkers with 2 million views and almost 17,000 shares. It also catches the attention of many impressed dads.

"What a wonderful father. If everyone had a father like him I can’t imagine how much better our world be," glowed one.

Sabrina hopes that her husband sets a new trend for dads around the world.

"I think that's really cute. I thought that was sweet to see all those dads be like, 'I'm gonna step up my game,'" she said.

How One Father Proves the Importance of Showing Up

Sadly, many daughters don't have a father around, and the impact is profound.

According to Psychology Today, girls who grow up without a father (biological or other) are more likely to endure alcoholism, drop out of school, and go to prison.

Yet, it also adds the crucial point that 'Even if a father is physically present, his emotional absence can negatively affect a daughter into adulthood.' In other words, success isn't just about showing up, it's about showing love.

In the end, fathers are flawed human beings, learning like everyone else. They can polish their parenting game by looking at this creative and caring pop.

As for what the future holds, his wife doesn't see that stopping anytime soon.

"I don't think he can stop now. I think he's locked in for life. They're gonna be in college and they're gonna expect those notes."

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