“my inner child is sobbing right now”

It’s no secret social media can make us feel bad about ourselves sometimes — we’re endlessly scrolling through people sharing their perfect lives or perfect bodies and it can seem so much better than what we’ve got.

Social media envy is real, but TikToker Hannah Flint is one of the momfluencers using her powers to keep it real.

How One Mom Is Blocking out the Haters

On her page (@hannahflint_), the mother of 4 talks about taboo subjects like postpartum or normalizing not breastfeeding your baby.

While everyone may not agree with her, Flint willingly puts herself in the line of fire.

Sharing her hot takes, she’s almost taunting the mommy-shamers to come out of the woodwork.

But it seems Flint isn’t sharing her opinions for the haters — she’s here to make the women just like her, feel less alone.

And it’s safe to say, it’s working.

Hannah Flint/TikTok

In short, this is one mom that doesn’t shy away from the hard-to-discuss topics — including what it’s really like to parent the “hard child.”

“This is our ‘hard child.’ Our ‘doesn’t listen’ child. Our ‘do it myself’ child…”

Hannah Flint, TikTok

In Flint’s now-viral TikTok, the tough-love mama shares how parenting the “hard child” can feel impossible — and why she even bothers putting up with it!

Her answer may just surprise you.

Watch Hannah Flint’s Video:

The video opens on a little girl in an apron with her blonde hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. When she turns to the camera, she’s crying and it’s clear she’s just been throwing a tantrum.

@hannahflint_ Trying to see the world through her eyes is a struggle somedays, and often makes me feel like I’m parenting all wrong. But reminding myself of all the GOOD that she is always helps ❤️ #parentsoftiktok #momlife #momlove #secondchild #parenting #kidsoftiktok #girlmom #parents #parentingtips #parentlife #childhood ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

“The Hard Ones Are the Ones Who Will Change the World”

In this heartwarming series of clips, Flint expertly cuts together an all-encompassing sample of the highs and lows that come with parenting the hard child.

Her message is clear: there is no rose without a thorn.

“This is our ‘hard child’…she is also our resilient child. fearless child. independent child. try anything child. The one who makes us laugh the most. And speaks her mind. So just in case you need a reminder on those hard days…the hard ones are the ones who will change the world.”

Hannah Flint, TikTok

In being able to step back in those difficult moments, Flint was able to see her daughter for the whole of who she is.

While this realization may not seem groundbreaking on the surface, Flint’s comment section tells a different story.

“Hard Children” Everywhere Finally Felt Seen

In being unafraid to call ‘a spade a spade,’ Flint was able to start a conversation about how being difficult can be a curse and a blessing.

“Thank you from all the ‘hard’ children who are now adults ❤️” @smithrachel21 wrote.

“I was the hard child. I’m outspoken passionate, and empathetic. My daughter is just like me. It’s hard, but I know she’ll do great things,” @ms.patrick31 commented.

You Have to Take the Good With the Bad

If there’s one thing Flint wants to remind us is that as a kid finding your sea legs (so to speak) is challenge.

Yes, the child who doesn’t listen may be more than you can handle on the days where you’re just trying to get your grocery shopping done. Those are probably the days where you’re grateful for your “responsible” rule-follower child.

But on the days when you need a laugh or a pick-me-up, those are the days thank your lucky stars for that “hard child.” Because they’re also the ones who take charge and take chances. They are the “fearless” child and they are the change makers we need — at least that’s how Flint sees it.