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People Are Sharing Their One Simple Rule That Would Fix the World - And the Replies Are Golden
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Uplifting News

People Are Sharing Their One Simple Rule That Would Fix the World - And the Replies Are Golden

simple, but not easy!

The world can be a pretty messed up place sometimes — and one Reddit thread is going viral when it asked a big question.

Is there one simple rule we could follow that would change the world?

The answers came pouring in some cliched, some funny, and some downright insightful — but they all have a common thread.

Keep reading to see if you can figure it out...

“Let Go or Be Dragged”

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u/civagigi shared an old proverb they heard at a mediation class that resonated with them.

The verse "really changed the way I let myself worry about things," they wrote.

But what does "let go or be dragged" really mean? 

This ancient proverb speaks on the power of surrender. Let go of the idea that you can control certain things, and don't waste your energy clinging on to these forces.

Holding on to people, ideas, and things that don't serve us will only act like a handcuff and drag us in a direction that will only bring more pain.

“Leave It Better Than You Found It”

u/Narcoid wrote a short phrase, but it packs a big punch.

"Leave it better than you found it" is like a guide for making things a little brighter.

It means that in whatever you do – whether it's a place, a relationship, or a project – try to leave a positive mark.

Clean up after yourself, spread kindness in relationships, or add value to your work.

It's about making the world around you a bit better than it was before, leaving a positive impact in your wake.

"Be Generous and Humble"

u/suvenpan elaborated on the importance of generosity and humility:

"Being generous and kind encourages us to perceive others in a more positive light and fosters a sense of community. Humility teaches you to improve and make a positive impact on the world."

In other words, generosity is like the person who quietly pays for the coffee of the person in line behind them. The act of generosity often makes a ripple effect. "Paying it forward" inspires others to do the same.

Being humble, is like the colleague who always gives credit to the team, even when they excel individually.

Both generosity and humility, when woven together, create a narrative of making the world a better place — one small, genuine act at a time.

“Listen More, Talk Less”

"Listen more, talk less" is a straightforward piece of advice emphasizing the importance of being a good listener and practicing restraint in speaking.

Listening more and talking less is like being a good friend. You know how sometimes when you share something, you just want someone to listen?

So, when we really listen, we put down our thoughts for a moment, get present, and hear what others are saying. It's the quickest way to get out of selfishness and step into seflessness.

Giving others a chance to share their stories too is the gift that keeps on giving. More often than not, we are more impacted by other people's experiences than we are by simply reliving our own.

“Everyone Gets a Plate Before Anyone Gets Seconds”

u/ehsteve23 wrote, "Everyone gets a chance at one [thing] before anyone gets seconds." This is a revised version of the original saying, "Everyone gets a plate before anyone gets seconds."

And the idea applies to more than just two servings of dessert.

What does this principle mean and why is it more relevant than ever?

The idea of "Everyone Gets a Plate Before Anyone Gets Seconds" reflects the principle of fairness and inclusivity.

It emphasizes the importance of ensuring that everyone's basic needs are met before anyone receives additional or surplus resources.

In the context of our world today, marked by various global challenges and disparities, this concept advocates for equitable distribution of resources, opportunities, and support.

It urges societies to prioritize addressing fundamental needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare for all, fostering a more just and compassionate approach to societal well-being.

In a world grappling with issues of inequality, this idea serves as a reminder to prioritize the welfare of all individuals, promoting a more balanced and harmonious coexistence.

“You Don’t Do, Initiate or Threat Any Harm Unto Others”

u/ufrag expertly summarized the philosophy behind the "non-aggression principle"

In other words — The non-aggression principle is a moral and ethical guideline.

It suggests that individuals should avoid causing harm or initiating force against others, except in situations where it is necessary to defend oneself from harm.

In short, it advocates for peaceful and voluntary interactions, emphasizing the importance of resolving conflicts through non-violent means.

This idea is often associated with certain ethical frameworks, such as libertarianism (individual liberty + limited government).

At its best it aims to promote a society built on cooperation, consent, and the respect for individual rights.

“Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated”

Screenshot 2024 02 09 at 11

u/AlbanyGuy1973 shared an oldie but a goodie — otherwise known as "The Golden Rule."

There's many different versions of this quote:

  • "Love your neighbor as you love yourself"
  • "What you would avoid suffering yourself, seek not to impose upon others"
  • "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes"

But whatever formulation it comes in, the fundamental concept is the same.

The importance of the Golden Rule lies in its universality and simplicity.

It encourages empathy and compassion by prompting individuals to consider how their actions might impact others.

By treating others with kindness, respect, and fairness, people contribute to the creation of a more harmonious and cooperative society.

The Golden Rule seeks to build positive relationships, reduce conflict, and promote a sense of shared humanity.

It transcends cultural and religious boundaries, offering a common ethical ground that resonates with the basic desire for fairness and understanding in human interactions.

We've definitely all heard this one — probably in kindergarten? But hopefully that isn't the last time we used it!

“Use Your Turn Signals Properly”

u/futilelord brought it home with this one.

On a metaphorical level, "Use your turn signals properly" symbolizes the importance of clear communication and transparency in one's intentions or actions.

It suggests being open, honest, and considerate in expressing your decisions or changes in direction, ensuring that others around you are aware of your plans. It encourages thoughtful communication to navigate relationships and situations with clarity and mutual understanding.


He really just means use your turn signals!

One Rule Is Made Up of Many Actions

The beauty of a "single rule" lies in its ability to encompass a multitude of actions.

Take the Golden Rule, for instance — treating others as you want to be treated.

It sounds simple, but within its embrace exists a myriad of behaviors: offering kindness, showing empathy, practicing patience, and extending respect.

It's a guiding principle that, when translated into actions, ripples into countless deeds, both big and small.

From a reassuring smile to a helping hand, each gesture contributes to the tapestry of a compassionate and interconnected world.

In essence, one rule can unfold into a diverse array of actions, having a profound impact of simple yet meaningful behaviors.

Even if there's "one rule" there's no "one way" to go about it — and that's the best news.

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