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Mother Teresa: Love Starts at Home
Mother Teresa: Love Starts at Home

Mother Teresa: Love Starts at Home

Mother Teresa - Love One Another

Mother Teresa uses the story of a starving girl to urge us all to care for the hungry and forgotten, because our need for love is the greatest hunger of all.


"I personally am most unworthy. But I brought a girl child from the street and I could see in the face of the child that the child was hungry. God knows how many days that she had not eaten. So I gave her a piece of bread and the little one started eating the bread crumb by crumb. I said to the child, 'Eat the bread. Eat the bread.' She looked at me and said, 'I'm afraid to eat the bread, because I'm afraid when it is finished, I will be hungry again.' This is a reality. Maybe we are not hungry for a piece of bread but maybe there is somebody there in the family who is unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten. There is love. Love begins at home. A love to be true has to hurt. This is what I bring before you. To love one another with great love."

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