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Mothers' Day: Thank You Mom
Happy Mothers' Day - Thank You Mom

Mothers' Day: Thank You Mom

Mothers' Day - Thank You Mom

To all the incredible women who believed in us from the day we were born, and who inspire us every day to reach for our dreams -- happy Mother's Day, from Goalcast.


"I didn't grow up in a life of privilege. I grew up in a very rough neighborhood in East Los Angeles, and this woman drove me three hours a day to a different school to show me a different opportunity. It's her birthday today. Mom, happy birthday. I love you very much."

"I want to thank my mom who's given me the strength to fight every single day to be who I want to be. You have sacrificed so much for me to be able to live here and make my dreams come true, and there are no words to describe how much I love you."

"Greatest woman on the planet is here tonight."

"The most brave, beautiful woman I've ever known."

"I'm proud of you, and I love you."

"My mother Blythe Danner, love more than anything."

"My mother taught me to write."

"Taught me that all of my finger paintings were Picassos."

"Thanks to my mom for always encouraging us to try to make art."

"For believing in me from the beginning."

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