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A Few Months Ago, He Lived In An RV - Today, He Bought His First Home Cash
Viral Star Nathan Apodaca

A Few Months Ago, He Lived In An RV - Today, He Bought His First Home Cash

2020 has unquestionably been a tough year -- but there's been one major bright spot: Nathan Apodaca and his viral TikTok "Dreams" video.

After receiving a truck from Ocean Spray, the good news keeps on rolling in for Apodaca, who managed to buy himself a five-bedroom home with the cash he received from fans.

A truly great year for Nathan Apodaca

Apodaca was living in an RV when he got on his skateboard and recorded a TikTok video while drinking a bottle of Cran-Raspberry Ocean Spray and singing "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac.

To the dad's surprise, the feel-good video got millions of views and sent "Dreams" skyrocketing in the billboard charts, which prompted Mick Fleetwood to make an imitation video.

Things only got better for Apodaca when Ocean Spray, who got the best publicity they could have ever dreamed of, gifted him with a truck filled with Cran-Raspberry bottles.

But not only that, Ocean Spray also gave Apodaca and his partner tickets for their dream honeymoon trip to Europe.

Meanwhile, donations poured in from across the country and Apodaca sold a lot of merch.

A serious upgrade

But the best gift Apodaca got this year was just realized -- he bought a home for his family.

According to TMZ, Apodaca bought a five-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Idaho for $320,000. And he paid for it all it in cash.

"It's just insane. I'm blessed and I'm happy that I'm being able to bless those around me," Apodaca told People.

"I didn't ever think any of this would happen from the video. I'm just blessed that it is happening."

Nathan Apodaca

Apodaca thanked his manager for helping him make the purchase.

"I went and picked up my youngest daughter yesterday and it's just amazing. She actually has her own room," Apodaca said.

"Before, when I was in my RV, she would go stay with my mom or my sister, and still come over and visit in the daytime and then go because I didn't have no room, you know? So it's just awesome. "

"And like I said, not only me, but I get to bring my lady in, my other daughter and my stepson now. It's crazy. It's awesome. I love it," he added.

'Make yourself smile'

Looking back on the year that was, Apodaca says everyone should take time out of their day to "reflect on yourself, just to make yourself smile," he told People.

"When you do that, it reflects on other people and you can make some other people smile as well."

Nathan Apodaca

This year has been an extremely tough one for so many, but Apodaca is right -- we have to remember to smile.

Smiling helps us stay positive and to stay grateful as things could be worse in so many ways.

And remembering to smile isn't difficult to do. If you're having trouble, here's a trick: just watch the Apodaca's TikTok video again.

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