“3…2…1…We have the FBI on the line.”

It’s no secret that scammers have reached an all-time high (and low).

From emails sent by Nigerian princes promising fortunes to Facebook messages from Lady Gaga needing $145 to finish her latest song (ra-ra-ra-ra-ra) to phone calls claiming “You’ve just won a cruise!” scammers will try just about anything to extort your hard-earned cash.

However, in a hilariously epic turn of events, one woman “flipped the script” and brilliantly beat a scammer at his own game.

And the TikTok video? Is PRICELESS. (Also, I am definitely using this the next time I get a scammy call.)

How One Woman Scammed a Scammer

Fox 5‘s news anchor, Jeanette Reyes, pulled an impressive role reversal when she received a phone call from a scammer claiming that she owed thousands of dollars and failure to pay would result in her arrest.

“Hello Jeanette, my name is Jason O’Neill. I’m calling in regards to an outstanding warrant that we have for your arrest due to an outstanding balance of your account of 2792 dollars and 33 cents,” he tells her in the now viral TikTok clip.

Rather than just hang up, Reyes decides to play along.

She tells “Jason” that she didn’t know about the balance owed and asks if she can just pay for it via credit card over the phone.

Believing that he has her just where he wants her (and likely saying a quick word of thanks to the scam gods), Jason happily agrees. He even graciously tells her she only needs to pay $2500 instead of the full amount.

And this is where it gets good. SO SO good.

Donning her best “anchor voice” Reyes launches into what may just be the greatest takedown of a fraudster ever. Under the guise of giving him her credit card number, she starts counting down.

“It’s 3..2..1…good evening, we are live on television right now with an investigation into scam callers. We have the FBI on the line. They are tracking this phone number as we speak. Sir, what is your full name again?”

Jeanette Reyes

His response? He couldn’t hang up the phone fast enough.

The TikTok Video Goes Viral


Got some inspiration from @1roy_jr and added a little anchor twist to it 😌 #spam#scammers#phone#prank#anchor#news#tv

♬ Msnewslady – Jeannette Reyes

The video quickly gained traction on TikTok, because who among us can’t relate to getting these types of calls? It has amassed millions of views and garnered praise from viewers worldwide with netizens hailing Reyes as a hero.

“This is not a talent this is a superpower!”

More than 46,000 commenters weighed in to applaud her quick-thinking and witty comeback.

“lmaooo 😅🤣😂 this was amazing 😅🤣 the man’s spirit probably left his body 😂😂,” wrote one person.

Another said, “Wait this is the BEST response I have ever seen to a scam caller 🤣.”

A number of people expressed wanting a copy of her voice so they could use it the next time they received a similar call.

“Please just do the news voice so i can use it on them spam callers please,” wrote one.

“You need to put that on a recording for all of us🤣🤣” commented another.

While the video IS entertaining, it also sheds valuable light on predators and the lengths they will go to.

How to Avoid Being Scammed

Unfortunately, not everyone can sniff out a scammer as easily as Reyes did. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), scammers bilk unsuspecting targets out of BILLIONS of dollars per year.

And they do it by any means necessary — including via phone, text, email, false advertisements, and social media — often using threats and intimidation to make you act without thinking.

But there are ways to protect yourself. Some common signs of a scam include people claiming to be from an organization or business you know, offers too good to be true, requests for personal information or remote access to your devices, threats or pressure to react quickly, and poor grammar and spelling.

As scammers become increasingly more creative and persistent, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and informed.

Reyes’ response was hilarious, yes, but it also serves as a reminder of the power of awareness and quick thinking in protecting ourselves from falling prey to fraudsters.