When a disabled veteran lost thousands of dollars to a contractor scam, one man stepped up.

What started out as a tragic situation that showed the darker sides of humanity quickly became one that proved even in the darkest of times, people can bring you hope.

How a Contractor Scammed a Disabled Veteran

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John Frank, a disabled veteran from Denver, Colorado needed help landscaping.

Frank was wheelchair-bound, so he needed assistance when it came to arduous tasks. That’s why he hired a landscape contractor to help him redesign his lawn.

Frank hired the man and signed a contract stating that this landscaper would add rocks to his yard so it would be easier to manage.

Frank paid the contractor upfront, $4,650. However, the man never fixed the yard like he promised.

Instead of installing rocks, the contractor Frank hired disappeared.

“I feel that I got ripped off. He took advantage of a disabled person. Obviously, I’m in a wheelchair. I can’t really do the yard,” Frank said.

Frank knew for sure that he was scammed after contacting FOX31 Denver’s team, The Problem Solvers.

Why a Complete Stranger Stepped in to Help a Veteran

Frank forwarded the group the contract, and after studying it, they found inconsistencies that pointed to a scam.

Frank tried contacting the contractor who used the name Anthony Martinez, but the phone line was disconnected and all of his emails went unanswered. The Problem Solvers searched for the business address on the contract and discovered that it didn’t exist.

FOX31 Denver aired the story, which is how one kind man found out about Frank’s misfortunes.

Hector Aldrete, the owner of Neighborhood Lawn Care, was moved by the report and knew he had to help.

“[The story] came on, I was like, ‘Oh no, we’re going to do something about it.’ It was more about his story, it just touched my heart, and I felt like doing it. It was nothing about the money,” Aldrete said.

How One Stranger Proved the Importance of Lending a Hand

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Aldrete and his team got to work immediately, removing tree stumps and adding 50 tons of rocks and bricks. The entire procedure amounted to $17,000, but Aldrete didn’t charge Frank a dime. He even told the veteran that he would be available in the future if Frank ever needed more help.

Frank as overwhelmed with gratitude.

“We need to hear the positive, make people know there’s hope, and that good things can happen,” Frank said.

The story of Aldrete’s compassion gained traction, and viewers flocked to the comment section to share their amazement.

“That’s a man who hasn’t had much kindness his way, his tears say it all. Out of chaos comes this beautiful ending,” wrote one person.

Thanks to a stranger’s kindness, a story of heartbreak turned into one of triumph. Aldrete saw a person in need, a person he could help, and he stepped up.


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