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Nick Cannon: Hold On To Those Dreams

Nick Cannon: Hold On To Those Dreams

Nick Cannon - Hold On To Those Dreams

"In the second grade, I was diagnosed with ADD ... ADHD. I had the high def version. I had it before it was cool, but luckily, I had the guidance of some wise adults because certain people were saying I was bad and unruly and couldn't be controlled. I had others in my life that told me all you have to do is guide that energy.

I'm a true example. I know it can get tricky at times. I'm sure you guys are already discovering how complicated life can be out there and it can really be hard on those dreams or the things that you really feel like you really want to accomplish, but it's really not in your grasp right there. I'm asking you, please hold on to those dreams. Never give them up. Don't let go. You going to hold on to them? Are you going to hold on to them?

Be good to yourselves and be good to each other. As much as you can, surround yourselves with people who believe in you and support your dreams. Hold on to it in your hearts and draw upon this encouragement and this experience to go into the world and give back."

- Nick Cannon

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