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Man Finds Out Cab Driver Has Never Been To Amusement Park So He Invites Him
Liam Murphy & Cab Driver At Theme Park
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Man Finds Out Cab Driver Has Never Been To Amusement Park So He Invites Him

One business traveler gave an unsuspecting taxi driver the adventure of a lifetime and proved that generosity can be a wild ride.

Missing out

Liam Murphy, a test engineer from Cork, Ireland was on business in the United Arab Emirates.

There, he couldn’t pass up the chance to visit 'Ferrari World', a sprawling indoor theme park that is home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, ‘Formula Rossa.’

And so, he dialed up a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Over the two-hour ride, he befriended the driver, Shakiha.  While shooting the breeze, Murphy learned that Shakiha was from India, and that he sent money back home to his family each month.

He also discovered that even though Shakiha had been in Abu Dhabi for fourteen years, he had never been to the famed amusement park - or any theme park for that matter.

As they arrived at the destination, Shakiha said that told Liam that he would wait for four hours at the amusement park until Murphy returned in order to drive him back to Dubai.

Murphy had a better idea.

Ride of a lifetime

Instead of Shakiha baking in the car while he had a blast, Murphy invited him along to Ferrari World. He would later tell TODAY that it was all spur of the moment.

"There was no real inspiration [behind the gesture]. I just asked him if he'd like to go, and when he said yes so I just offered to bring him along."

- Liam Murphy

Their first ride was none other than the vaunted Formula Rossa. While it's an extreme introduction to roller coasters, Murphy said that Shakiha quickly found his groove.

“When he was on his second roller coaster he started enjoying it, especially the sharp corners,” Liam said. “This was quality entertainment.”

After an adrenaline-filled afternoon, Murphy bought his bro a slice of pizza on the way home.

Friendship is everywhere if you just look

Afterward, a grateful Shakiha was gushing with gratitude.

"I will pray for you Sir"

- Shakiha

There's no question that Murphy and Shakiha's action-packed experience gives them a unique bond no one else on this planet will share. Who knows, maybe Zach Galifianakis can use it for the next 'Hangover' film.

The truth is that these made-for-hollywood moments are hiding in plain sight. They are moments that aren't defined by language , age, or race. You just need to be a citizen of planet earth.

If we'd just look around and instead of strangers see friends we haven't yet made, just imagine the amazing human experiences we'd have.

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