The Middletown Police Department are championing one of their own for cooking someone in need a hot meal.

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There are no normal days in the line of duty, but there are some especially unusual days — like the day Middletown Connecticut Police Officer Andrew Brooks spent with a local man who called for help.

When he called the police, he was transferred to Officer Brooks, who picked up the phone.

The man told Officer Brooks that he was having a “rough week” and needed help. Even though the request was uncommon, Officer Brooks took it just as seriously.

How a Police Officer Helped a Struggling Man in a Unique Way

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The police officer headed straight to the man’s residence to see how he could help.

The man was alone and hungry, not knowing what to eat and not wanting to cook. Officer Brooks looked around the stranger’s kitchen in search of food to make. He didn’t find much, but he got out a carton of eggs, cheese, and bread to make an eggs and cheese sandwich for the hungry man.

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“Sometimes a hot meal and someone to talk to is all it takes to lift someone’s spirits and change their perception on things,” Middletown Police Department – Connecticut said on Facebook.

When the department shared the story on their social media account, the post garnered a lot of attention. Commenters were proud of Officer Brooks’s kindness and respect. Officer Brooks, who could have ignored the call or passed it off as someone else’s problem, took matters into his own hands to help a local resident.

“Sometimes, all it takes is the compassionate kindness of another human being. Thank you officer for seeing what this man needed, and giving it so graciously. I’ve found that the majority of police officers I’ve dealt with have been respectful, patient, and kind in dealing with my adult child SPMI. I’ve honestly never come across this level of understanding from any police force in any other city or town I’ve lived in,” one person commented.

“We need more of this! Great job officer, you get an A+! This is how you serve the community, one person at a time,” wrote another.

Though the call was not routine, it was important, and Officer Brooks saw that. Whatever the man had been going through had left him unable to take care of himself, and Officer Brooks stepped in. If you find someone in distress, be like Officer Brooks and find out how you can help them.


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