Prove Them Wrong (Motivational Video)

A reminder that on your path to success there will be doubters and non-believers, this video will motivate you to do what is necessary to prove them wrong.

Epic Motivational Video created by Be Inspired.

“Beware of vision, dream, and passion killers. Family and friends, in most cases, sad to even say this. Family and friends, in most cases, would be the first who try to talk you out, of something that you are passionate, excited about, and that you have a vision before. Most of the people that have no dreams,  would wake up every day try to talk you out of your dreams. They have no goals, they have nothing that they are ambitious about. Create your own reality by choosing your future, and not only is it important for you to know it’s possible for you to choose your future, but it’s necessary, that you work on yourself, that you develop yourself. It’s necessary, that you get the energy drainers out of your life. People who don’t want you to think. The most powerful, motivational speeches that I have ever heard came from people who told me I couldn’t do something. You know why ? Because when they told me I couldn’t do it I was bound and determined to show them, that I could. Tell me I can’t do it. I will prove you wrong I will show you That you´re mistaken. Because I believe and this is real important “I can’t” would fought you, would stop you, would slow you down, would turn you around, and cause you to move backwards if you let it. But if you have the proper mindset. “I can’t” would do nothing, but make you that more determined to get to your goal One problem, the violin. Because to do you what you do, you have got to be a world class violinist Because if you don’t When you are moving around, being thrown around and still try to play You end up doing you did with not missing loads of notes And there was a time when it sounded to me like a bunch of rats being strangle. Seriously that bad But you’re not good enough, I don’t think, to get away with flying through the air, and trying to play the violin at the same time, I don’t think what you doing right now is enough to fill a theatre in Vegas. That much movement made you not as great as you were. Made you not as great as you were. Who’s got the right to stop you ? I mean, maybe some of you guys got something you never finish, something you really want to do, something you never said to somebody. Something, and you told no, even after you paid your dues Who’s got the right to tell you ? Who ? Nobody. It’s your right to listen to your gut and nobody has the right to say no. After you earn right to be what you want to be and do what you want to do. People will discourages you know the people that you have in your life who no matter how good of a day you’re having, they will bring you down or no matter how bad of a day you’re having, they will bring you even lower. You know what I’m talking about ? Think of the three biggest discourages in your life. They are not your biggest discourages, You are. Dear candidate, thank you for your application to our ballet academy, Unfortunately, you have not been accepted. You lack the right feet, achilles tendons, turn out, torso lenght and bust. You have the wrong body for  ballet and at thirteen you are too old to be considered. So you don’t think you can? You don’t think you can do it? Think you can! Know you can. If you haven’t done it, keep striving, keep working, don’t let up. Things don’t come easy You gotta find it, whatever it is, what’s in yourself Don’t quit.  Don’t quit.  Don’t quit. So just because you fail, don’t mean you are a failure. Alright ? So I just need you to do me a huge favor I just need you keep going, try to make that one different decision to not maybe for my last one. Is don’t let the distractions distract you I know real simple but don’t let the distraction distract you. Failure is not an option, when you go into it, I want you to go in everything you do, listen to me, as if failure is not an option, alright ? It’s not a button, it’s not a label, it does not exist! You can do it! Don’t let your body steal your dream, I used to ask myself “can I do this?” And something said within me, “you’re the one.” You’re the one. If you want to be great, not good, not also brand, not second, not third. If you want to be great, you’re very best at what you do obsession is a necessity. Once you have that magnificent obsession, once you question the impossible Then when somebody like that, tells you You can’t do something, you have chosen the wrong one. To tell something like that to. I will show you, I will show you what I can do. I will show you, I will turn your “I can’t” “I will never”, “I won’t”, “It’s impossible”, I will turn it around and I will show you that I can do anything! you want something bad enough if you really love something you really want to have results and dedicate yourself one hundred percent all.”

Tyrese Gibson
CT Fletcher
Les Brown
Nick Vujicic
Sylvester Stallone
Eric Thomas