The group only had one day to rehearse, but the magical performance was unforgettable.

We all have that one teacher who changed our lives or who helped us believe in ourselves. 

The teachers who impact us challenge us just enough, help us improve, and build our confidence along the way.

Teachers don’t always get the love they deserve, but there is no doubting the impact they have on our lives. 

Maggie Smith Kühn, an artist and painter, wouldn’t hesitate if you asked her which teacher changed her life and inspired her to be the creative person she is today.

She would tell you it was Mr. Stanley, her choir teacher. 

So when he called asking for all of his alumni to gather to celebrate his retirement, doing so was a no-brainer. 

The Choir Teacher Who Changed Lives

choir singing while holding sheets
Photo by Thirdman

Mr. Stanley organized a performance for his alumni and the group only had a single day to rehearse. The former students had busy lives and limited time to devote to this performance; nevertheless, they wouldn’t let their favorite teacher down.

Maggie Smith Kühn captured the rehearsal on social media, “My high school chorus teacher, Mr. Stanley, is retiring after 30 years. So he invited his former students to come sing with him one last time.”

Maggie explained on Instagram that the singers “[…] clicked immediately.” Listening to the harmony of the group, “clicked” is an understatement. Despite being apart for decades, they were singing like they had never stopped practicing together. 

Maggie credits this to Mr. Stanley’s power as a teacher, writing:

“Listen to how education lives inside students forever, even after decades. Many of us became artists, creatives, musicians and educators.” 

Maggie put it best in her post:

“Never underestimate your impact on children’s lives. Appreciate your teachers and mentors.”

How One Man Became an Amazing Example of the Impact a Teacher Can Have

Sometimes, you need someone to see the possibilities that lie before you and reflect them back to you.

A creative person may not know that it is possible to make a living doing what they love. Then, someone like Mr. Stanley comes along and makes the impossible seem possible. 

Teachers like Mr. Stanley do more than just teach, they empower. For that, they deserve recognition.

“This is what a lifetime of dedication sounds like.”

When the performance finally happened, it took the audience’s breath away. Soloist Lisa Lowe Douglas sang “City Called Heaven,” while Mr. Jim Stanley directed and the rest of the choir supported with angelic background vocals.

Maggie hoped that her video would go viral so that as many people as possible would see Mr. Stanley’s opus. She got her wish, and Mr. Stanley got his recognition.