Robert Herjavec – Never Complain

Robert Herjavec shares the story of his difficult journey to Canada, and tells people never to complain, because life is full of opportunities.


My dad was in jail multiple times. Last time he got thrown in he was told if he ever comes back, he’s never coming back. Then he grabbed my mom and I, we crossed the border into Italy, one suitcase, landed on a dock. My mom remembered she had a friend and we took the train from Halifax to Toronto. Lived in their basement for 18 months and you know, here we are.

“One of the things people always say, “Oh, you’re the nice Shark and you’re nice on the show.” I always say, “Well, you know it’s relative ’cause the other guys are such jerks at times, right?” But, I am a nice guy until somebody starts complaining to me about how hard they have it. I have to tell you nothing pisses me off more than people that complain, or people that have this feeling that life owes them something. Life doesn’t owe you anything. Never complain. All you’re owed is an opportunity and in this country you have an opportunity.”