TOKYO, JAPAN – MAY 29: Ryan Reynolds poses for a selfie with a fan as he attends the ‘Deadpool 2’ Tokyo Premiere at the Roppongi Hills on May 29, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)

We already know that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty special human being. From his deeply personal confessions on dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety to his down-to-earth take on fame and the value of real-life experiences, the Hollywood superstar offers up one life-lesson after the other.

However, the Deadpool star took things one step further recently, comforting one fan through his break-up. Twitter user Josiah Thieman reached out to the actor on social media, telling him the story of how his girlfriend broke up with him because of… well Deadpool himself.

If you haven’t seen the second installment of the blockbuster yet, don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything. But just to give some context, Wilson aka Deadpool, deals with some pretty messed-up relationship issues in the movie, so of course at one point Deadpool turns to the camera and tells women to break up with their boyfriends.

As it turns out, Thieman’s girlfriend took that piece of commentary to heart, breaking up with him, something Thieman did not expect. But Reynolds was there for the rescue, apologizing to the newly-single Thieman. Even better, Reynolds asked him if they are “Still friends?”, starting a bromance for the ages.

Reynolds’ outreach made a world of difference to Thieman, telling he had no expectations of Reynolds noticing his tweet: “Him even responding to my tweet made my day.”

But Reynolds’ acknowledgement of his pain and apology for an event that in the end had nothing to do with him helped lift Thieman’s spirits to no end. “Him saying sorry and then jokingly asking ‘Still friends?’ made my heart warm and gave me some hope,” he told the same source.

Of course, Josiah Thieman was more than happy to accept Reynolds’ words of comfort and online offer of friendship.

The heartwarming exchange led to an outpouring of support towards Thieman from the Twitterverse, something that will surely help him mend his broken heart. After all, reaching out to others, whether friends or strangers, can have life-changing and sometimes even life-saving effects. As for Reynolds, the A-lister proved yet again how strong one small, random act of kindness can be.