Edgy comedian Sarah Silverman is no stranger to online attacks, vicious comments, trolls and misogyny – her bold brand of comedy and unrepentant feminism has drawn ire and critique from the start of her career. Never one to ignore a challenge or back down from a fight, the celebrity comedian has previously called out hecklers and trolls.

So, when an online troll called her a sexist and vulgar name on Twitter, more than one popcorn bag was opened in anticipation of her sharp retort.


But Silverman’s reply took everybody by surprise, not least the troll himself.

Instead of fighting fire with fire, Silverman responded to the unprovoked attack with kindness, understanding and encouragement – a response that left the troll, Jeremy Jamrozy, reeling with emotion.

What followed was a heartfelt exchange of tweets and messages that revealed the mental and physical pain behind Jamrozy’s insult.

A survivor of childhood sexual violence, the 32-year-old San Antonian is struggling with the trauma, depression, as well as severe health and pain issues that prevent him from working. With each and every tweet, the two engaged in an emotional exchange that inspired many.

Silverman’s appeals for qualified health specialist was soon answered by her followers, and according to local media reports, Jamrozy has already consulted local specialists.

Moreover, as Silverman has offered to cover his treatment’s expenses, the reformed troll will be paying it forward, distributing funds from his GoFundMe campaign to other San Antonians in need.

Silverman has since seen an outpouring of praise, although she remains modest about her humanity. She and Jamrozy remain in contact, and both continue to receive messages of support, encouragement, and gratitude for the brave interaction. The heartfelt moment has inspired many to follow Silverman’s example to try and choose love and kindness, even when – or especially when – dealing with negative individuals.