It’s common to feel like you are all alone and no one understands what you’re going through, especially if you battle mental health issues.

But when someone in the public eye – a celebrity, actress and singer — shares her own struggles, it not only makes those suffering feel less alone, but it also helps break the stigma around those issues.

Selena Gomez is aware of this truth and has been honest about her own mental health ups and downs for years, sharing her triumphs with her audience, but also her low points.

Pledging to donate $100 million

“I’ve been a champion for mental health for numerous years,”  Gomez recently told People, saying she has always been very open about her experiences and sharing them.

“I wanted people of all ages to understand that the mind isn’t simple.”

Selena Gomez

What’s most refreshing is that Gomez considers herself a work in progress. The reality is, we all are. We’re all always changing and evolving into different versions of ourselves.

And 2020, with a global pandemic, has led to a lot of people struggling in ways they maybe hadn’t before.

Gomez has committed to help raise $100 million in the next 10 years to fund mental health resources to underserved communities, because she said it’s imperative for those who struggle with mental health to understand they are not alone.

“I’m a work in progress,” said Gomez, sharing there’s a lot she’s still figuring out. “It’s okay to be frustrated or have a hard day.”

Selena Gomez’s biggest challenge in 2020

What’s her biggest challenge these days? She says she’s working on “getting rid of the lies outside of my mind” and instead trying to focus on the things she feels are most important, such as her friends and family.

“I’m at the point where I’m starting to care less about what others think and more about what I feel”

Selena Gomez

That started with not reading as many comments on social media or avoiding googling herself. “I find my life to be easier that way.”

Detaching self-worth from outside factors

Paying more attention to what we feel and need, and not what other people are saying about us, is an important lesson for us all — whether we’re in the public eye or not.

It can be so tempting to attach our sense of self-worth to outside factors like our success or appearance.

But Gomez’s insights and approach is an important reminder that if we do start giving meaning to the way others perceive us, we can easily get caught in a toxic spiral.

Taking a step back is not about not caring, it’s about taking care of yourself first and doing what you need to keep yourself in a positive mental state.

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