Serena Williams – Believe In You Video

“I’ve had people look past me because of the color of my skin. I’ve had people overlook me because I was a women. I had critics say I will never win another Grand Slam when I was only at number 7, and now, here I stand today with 21 Grand Slam titles, and I’m still going. I have to tell each and every one of you that it doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are, your age. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to, and I always say, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.” The reason that I always say that is because I didn’t grow up with things being handed to me. I had to work hard, I had to dedicate myself, and I had to be determined, and I was. It requires discipline and hard work and determination. Most importantly, it requires self-belief because, like me, some people might not believe in you, but you have to believe in you.”
– Serena Williams