Sparked by the return of Brock Turner, Ohioans have put in the work to protect their own.

In 2016, disgraced Stanford student Brock Turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Judge Aaron Persky, who oversaw the trial, gave Turner the lenient punishment of only six months in county jail, of which Turner only served three.

Judge Persky’s sentencing was widely ridiculed and resulted in his recall, but Turner still served a minute amount of time in jail for his violent acts. Though the judge and his trial didn’t ensure Turner adequately pay for his actions, the citizens of Ohio are now making sure he doesn’t get the chance to do it again.

How Ohio Women Are Spreading Awareness About Brock Turner

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After Turner was spotted in Dayton, Ohioans began warning each other on social media. Alarmed citizens posted Turner’s whereabouts starting in mid-August after Turner was seen at a few bars in the suburbs. One Facebook post from Aug. 17 was copied and shared more than 18,000 times. 

“If you see him out, inform the bartenders who he is, inform the women in the bar who he is, do not let anyone intoxicated walk away with him alone,” the post read. 

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The women of Ohio are publishing about Turner far and wide. These warnings are covered on all social media sites in an effort to get the news out to anyone and everyone.

“Considering he’s going out to local bars, I get the feeling he wants to go out in public and hope everyone moves on,” wrote a poster on the Dayton subreddit. “So keep spreading awareness so that f****** creep can never do that.”

Some of the posts get straight to the point. One tweet warning of Turner’s return garnered nearly 85,000 likes.


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Vice News noted that Turner’s current whereabouts in Ohio is not news: Turner, who hails from Bellbrook, has reportedly been living in the state for years. 

No matter what prompted this vigilance, it is amazing to see. Not only are these Ohioans proving that they believe women, but they are ensuring that another one isn’t subjected to the same violence the original survivor endured. They are looking out for one another, something we should all do.


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