How a video meant for family caught the attention of many more.

A bus driver in India has become an unlikely internet sensation after a video meant for his family racked up tens of thousands of views. Ranjit Singh simply wanted to create a fun video to explain what he did for work, and had no idea about the response to come. 

Ranjit Singh works for National Express West Midlands, a bus transportation company in England. “I have a great passion for driving and singing, so I wanted to combine the two together,” said the 59-year-old from West Bromwich. “I thought there was no better way than a video to show my family back home what I do for a living.”

So Ranjit decided to film a fun Youtube video, complete with original lyrics and choreography to explain to his family in India what his job entails. 

Ranjit Changed Everything With One Decision

The heart-warming video shows Ranjit dancing and singing with fellow drivers, set against one of the company’s garages, as well as at West Bromwich Bus Station. His song celebrates multi-cultural Britain and the experience of  serving a multi-faith community while driving buses. Ranjit clearly takes tremendous pride in his work, especially in a field many might consider mundane.

“I have worked at National Express West Midlands for 13 years and take great pride in what I do, Singh said. “There’s a real team spirit and I wanted to do something that celebrated the many different communities we have at our West Bromwich depot and how we all work together as one team.”

A testament to that diversity Ranhit speaks of, the dance is choreographed in the style of Bhangra, a type of traditional folk dance of Punjab. The video was recorded in the Punjabi language, but features English subtitles. Some of the lyrics include:

“With honest working hands, we drive the buses. From different countries brothers drive buses together…we all drive the buses from our different faiths.

“All the different cultures and nations drive buses together as friends. Working in the offices as brothers. We sit together in the canteen as brothers.

“Doing overtime shifts we exhaust the buses. Within different countries friends drive the buses together.”

“This is why we should all be proud of Britain”

The response to Ranjit’s video is overwhelmingly positive. The comments on his video are gushing with pride and admiration, one reading “the sheer joy that comes across in this music video is clear to see. Such happy people.” The story was even picked up by global news outlets like BBC News and the New York Times.

Ranjit’s video also caught the attention of his higher ups at National Express. David Bradford, the managing director for National Express West Midlands, added: “Our staff really are our greatest assets. They all work incredibly hard to keep our customers moving, and to see the enthusiasm that they have for their roles in the company is great.”

It’s safe to say that Ranjit never intended to create a viral video, or receive global attention, but perhaps it is exactly that unassuming energy that attracted so many. Ranjit’s enthusiasm is certainly contagious, and hopefully can spark some energy and joy for others around the world.


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