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Electrician Fixes Struggling Couple’s Wiring in the Dead of Winter for Free—So They Make It Their Mission to Pay Back His Kindness
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Electrician Fixes Struggling Couple’s Wiring in the Dead of Winter for Free—So They Make It Their Mission to Pay Back His Kindness

After he fixed their wiring, the grateful couple invited Joshua Matthews back to their place to present him with a surprise for his kindness.

Stacy and Josh Lemonds were both out of work when their heat was cut in the middle of a harsh Oklahoma City winter.

The electric company cut the electricity in the couple’s home, built in 1945, after checking their meter and determining the original wiring presented a serious fire hazard. With no money for repairs, the couple leaned on their faith.

“We started praying,” Stacy told Oklahoma's News 4.

Joshua Steps Up in the Nick of Time

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The couple asked their church group to join them in prayer and that’s when Joshua Matthews reached out.

An electrician’s apprentice who lives 10 minutes from Stacy and Josh, Joshua first met the couple when his wife was sick and they delivered some meals.

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Joshua, who has completed two tours in Afghanistan with the 45th Infantry Division, is happy to serve his friends, church and community every chance he gets. So, when he heard about the couple’s problem, he offered to take a look.

Some church members put Stacy and Josh up in a hotel and Joshua spent days working on their home, free of charge, to bring the wiring up to code.

The Couple Had to Find a Way to Pay Joshua Back

But that’s not where the kindness ends.

The grateful couple teamed up with a local TV news station and tricked Joshua into coming back to their house to surprise him. Joshua thought he was returning to the home for a reinspection. But Stacy and Josh presented him with a First Fidelity Bank $400 Pay It 4Ward award. Through tears, Stacy presented Joshua with the gift, telling him just how much they appreciate him.

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"Thank you so much for taking care of our electric," Stacy told Joshua. "We appreciate you."

Joshua, surprised, clearly wasn't expecting anything in return and told them they didn't have to do that.

"They needed help," Joshua said. "It's just what anyone should do."

Selflessness Is Necessary

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Like he served his country, Joshua is happy to serve his friends and community any chance he gets. And, like he told Oklahoma's News 4, it's what anyone should do.


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