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Teen carrying his best friend, a couple getting married and a screenshot of a text (inset)

Teens Matchmake Their Single Parents Into Tying the Knot

TikTok/ @_ms.britt
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Teen Best Friends Set Single Parents Up - 3 Months Later, They Got Married

The newlyweds credit their teenage sons for finding their happily ever after.

Tucker and Corbin were best friends. But now? Thanks to some pretty impressive match-making skills, they just became brothers.

Teenage Best Friends Play Matchmakers

TikTok · Brittanyyy💗

In 2015, Brittany's world came crashing down when her husband passed away, leaving her a single mom to two kids (aged 5 and 7).

Over the years she went on a few dates "but nobody really stuck around" for her kids.

Nobody that is, until Jason Walker.

Divorced, Jason was also raising two kids on his own. When his son, Corbin, met Brittany's son, Tucker, a year and a half ago, they immediately became best friends.

"We coparented them and always joked about who had custody of them, everywhere they went they came as a package deal," Brittany shared on a now-viral TikTok.

And it wasn't long before the teenage boys decided to play matchmaker.

"The boys set out on a mission to make us talk every time we dropped off/picked up, and we always heard 'date my dad' and 'date my mom,'" Brittany explained.

But initially, their parents weren't playing.

When their not-so-subtle tactics didn't work, Tucker and Corbin called in reinforcements — their older siblings. As the saying goes, "There's strength in numbers." With all four kids in on the act, these two parents didn't stand a chance.

"So the boys started it and then they got his oldest involved," Brittany told PEOPLE. "He said, 'You should listen to the boys and give it a chance.'"

"And then my oldest started doing the same! She was like, 'Mama, the way he looks at you, it's just so sweet. He's in love with you and you don't even know it. You don't even see it.' They were all invested in this," she added.

Jason finally made the first move. He sent Brittany a text asking if she wanted to go out for tacos and margaritas. She said "Yes."

"We took a chance on what was right in front of us the whole time."

From "Bros" To Brothers

Best friends Tucker and Corbin walking Brittany down the aisle.

Best friends Tucker and Corbin walking Brittany down the aisle.


From that moment on, Jason and Brittany were inseparable (much to the delight of their kids). And three months later, the boys got their wish, escorting Brittany down the aisle.

In the text overlay on pictures of their wedding day, the bride wrote, “Turns out taking that chance was one of the best things we could ever do. In you, I’ve found my closest friend, my lover, and protector.”

She also gave their "two goofballs" the credit they so richly deserved.

"The missing pieces to the puzzle are finally all in place. All because 2 goofballs pushed us to give this a try."

It's a match made in teenage heaven.

Brittany and Jason think so too. "Never in a million years did I imagine our friendship turning into one of my favorite love stories of all time," Brittany wrote in another TikTok caption. And yet, here they are.

"I think both of us just wonder, 'Is this even real?'"

"Sometimes I catch him looking at me and I'm like, 'What are you looking at?' And he's like, 'I don't know, it's just weird to know that somebody loves me like you do.' And I feel the same way."

It's possible the boys just scored brownie points...FOR LIFE.

Life almost never goes the way we plan. But sometimes? It goes exactly the way it's supposed to.

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