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11-Year-Old Grabs Microphone at Fathers Wedding - Reveals the Truth About His New Wife
11-Year-Old Welcomes Stepmom Into Family With Touching Wedding Speech
Uplifting News

11-Year-Old Grabs Microphone at Fathers Wedding - Reveals the Truth About His New Wife

There wasnt a dry eye in the house.

Unfortunately, not everyone grows up with two parents. Sometimes, kids are raised by a single parent due to divorce or life circumstances. It can be hard, but the single-parent/child bond can also be an incredibly close one. When someone new enters the picture, it can mean a big period of adjustment.

So, when one 11-year-old boy told the truth about how his dad’s new wife was there for him on their wedding day, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

A Beautiful Speech

little boy giving speech at wedding

In a video shared to Newsnercom, an 11-year-old boy grabbed the microphone at his father’s wedding. At first, no one knew what he was going to say, but he was prepared. As everyone waited in anticipation, the boy began nervously reading from a prepared speech.

“I feel very, very blessed being here today,” he began as his dad and new mom looked on. “Not only because I have such an amazing father, but because I get to see my father marry someone as equally amazing as him.”

The proud father smiled, and his bride beamed as the boy continued. He explained how, when he first met Ashley, he was worried she wouldn’t like him very much because he thought she was just a “common friend” of his dad’s. When he realized she was more than a friend, he was a bit “grossed out” but quickly changed his mind.

“She was very caring and treated my father well. Seeing my father happy around her made me understand that she was pretty cool,” he continued.

A New Family of Three

The thoughtful kid also explained how, for years it was just him and his dad. He didn’t feel like they needed anyone else and that they always had a great time together. Then Ashley came around, and he had a big realization: they hadn't been complete until she joined their family.

“It was different in a way that made us even stronger,” the wise boy continued, adding how his dad has always been a terrible cook and Ashley “saved” him from that.

“With lots of love in my heart I just want to say thank you, Ashley, for everything. You make my dad a better person by enlightening our lives and being so welcoming. I always thought we were the ones welcoming you into our lives, but the truth is you opened your heart and welcomed the crazy Moderno boys into yours.”

He added that now he has the “coolest” stepmom and step-grandmom. Then he wrapped it all up with a cheers. The family hugged and toasted together, celebrating their new life.

Adapting to Change

This story is touching and heartfelt because it reminds us that family is more than just the traditional unit we see so often in media and pop culture.

Families can be blended, adopted, or chosen, and sometimes, it isn’t until we participate in one of those things that we really feel as though we’ve found our people.

This boy’s speech is also a great reminder that sometimes change really is a good thing. So if you’re struggling, try and see the positive in a situation and understand where and how it might be good for you, and even make you stronger.

If an 11-year-old boy can do that (and give such a great speech about it!), certainly we can, too.

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