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The Six Simple Words That Taught Me to Let Go
Abundance and letting go

The Six Simple Words That Taught Me to Let Go

Friends, I have a confession to make: I don’t like to let things go.

Opportunities. Behavior patterns. My ideas of how things are supposed to be — you name it. In fact, I can often be found clinging desperately to these lovely little intangibles well past their expiration dates for one simple reason: when I’m making decisions out of fear, joy feels like a limited resource.

The Six Simple Words That Taught Me to Let Go

The Six Simple Words That Taught Me to Let Go

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.

— Mark Twain

When life gets scary, or I get panicky, I tend to go all Tim Gunn on my life, forcing square pegs into round holes and lipstick onto pigs, all in the name of MAKING IT WORK. And isn’t that exactly what the world expects us to do, after all – make it work? Slap some sequins on a garbage bag, send it down the runway and call it a day? Or a season? Or a life?

The problem with all this “making it work” is that somewhere between all the hustling and hoarding we manage to convince ourselves that what we see, in fact, is all there is.

And it’s in moments like those that this mantra has saved me:

There’s more where that came from.

Because the truth is, the sooner we choose to see our world as a place of abundance instead of lack, the sooner we can loosen our grip on the things that are no longer working. The sooner we surrender to the truth that our perspective is limited, the sooner we begin creating space for our faith to grow. And the sooner we allow ourselves to give away the very thing we’re most worried about losing, the sooner we find ourselves open enough to receive what it is we really need.

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So today, friends— let’s choose not to tighten our grip in fear, but to open our hearts in faith. Because whatever it is you’re afraid of losing (or may have already lost), I guarantee you — there’s more where that came from. More opportunity where that came from. More money where that came from. More time, more love, more grace where that came from.

The life you seek is also seeking you. 

It just can’t find you in all the sequins.

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