One brave barista picked up on a client’s quiet hints for help when a pushy male wouldn’t.

Unwanted advances

For most, Starbucks is a place to disconnect or dive into some work along with a pumpkin spice latte. However, for Tik Toker @greenybeany420, otherwise known as Ave, it was an awful experience, and she captured the cringefest on cam.

The camera is angled up to a visibly uncomfortable Ave, while you can hear a man’s incessant, inaudible chatter in the background.

Despite Ave mentioning her husband six times, giving the man short, disinterested answers and avoiding eye contact, he wouldn’t leave her alone.

One bold barista

Fortunately for Ave, one barista took notice of the harassment and came over to her table. While refilling her water, she leaned in and asked if she was okay. Ave replied that she “was about to head out.”

When the barista asked if it was because if it “was because of him,” Ave confirmed that it was because of the man.

The barista then refilled her water bottle so she could keep Ave company and continue talking.


what a great way to respond in this situation. thank u starbucks baristas !! felt much safer bc of you guys.

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She was thankful

The video then cut to Ave in her car, still visibly shaken.

On a bright note, she said the entire group of employees let her know that she could stay, as they were planning to remove the man. Apparently, “This isn’t the first time that he’s harassed a customer.”

She couldn’t have been more grateful.

“What a great way to respond in this situation. thank u Starbucks baristas !! felt much safer bc of you guys,” read her Tik Tok caption.

The event quickly went viral, racking up 1.2 million views, hundreds of comments and more than 150k likes. While most comments were positive, some blasted Ave for not being more direct to the man. Fortunately, many came to Ave’s defense, accusing them of victim-blaming.

Safety starts with perception

Sadly, Ave said that what happened wasn’t rare.

“It is just so amazing the amount of times that I’ve been in a coffee shop and have felt harassed and you’re just done and don’t know what to do”

– Ave

Luckily, she had a brave Starbucks bunch in her corner.

“They were just so observant and helpful, they were immediately there and I’m grateful for that.”

It is pretty amazing that this sort of thing persists. Whether it’s a Starbucks, bar or bus stop, Ave and all women should be at ease.

What’s even more amazing are the majority of times most don’t step in. While this story finished well, it will take everyone setting that standard of safety so we can all write better stories in the future.

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